On Hannibal Friendship has Consequences

NBC’s Hannibal continues to be a show about friendship especially last night.  But this time it was not about Will and Hannibal’s relationship with each other but their friendships with other people and the consequences of their actions related to them.

Hannibal - Season 2

The episode opens with Will Graham fly fishing with a character we thought we would not see again Abigail Hobbs.  Will and Hannibal were both close to Abigail last season after Will was forced to kill her serial killer father but then Abigail became one of several murders that Hannibal framed Will for.  She shows up in a dream sequence Will is having as he plans his next move against Hannibal.

Hannibal - Season 2

Back in the real world Will is talking to Dr. Frederick Chilton and agrees to be subjected to some unorthodox therapy.  With this we see Will working on making an alliance with Dr Chilton in his battle against Hannibal and it looks like Chilton is going for it.  I really like how the show is also giving us a look at Dr. Chilton and Dr. Lecter before Hannibal was caught and sowing the seeds of their future disdain for each other.  Anyway the therapy allows Will to further unlock some of his missing memories.  He remembers the night he brought Eddie Izzard to Hannibal’s house and with this knowledge finally makes the connection that Hannibal Lecter is the Chesepeake Ripper and that he eats his victims.  He shares these revelations with a skeptical Beverly but we will get back to that in a bit.

The case of the week involves an acupuncturist who lobotomizes her patients and then turns them into corpse beehives.  As crazy as that might sound it is pretty standard for Hannibal and not nearly as gruesome as some of the other cases.  The perpetrator is caught by the end of the episode because she pretty much just comes out and confesses when the FBI shows up at her house.  In her mind she was relieving the suffering of her victims but she also clearly knew she would not be able to keep it up for long.


Back on the friendship front we get to see more of Jack Crawford and his wife, played by real life married people Laurence Fishburne and Gina Torres.  Mrs. Crawford has been battling lung cancer since last season and the treatment is starting to take a toll on her.  She goes to her friend Hannibal Lecter for advice.  Mrs. Crawford has seen what prolonged cancer treatments can do to people and she is considering ending her life to be done with it.  And it looks like Hannibal more or less gives her the okay to go ahead with it.  She shows up at his office later on having taken all of her morphine.  She decides that she does not want Jack to watch her die and asks Hannibal to deliver her final goodbye to him.  For a moment it looks like Hannibal is just going to sit there and let it happen.  Then he injects her with something that brings her back to life.

Hannibal - Season 2

Later at the hospital Mrs. Crawford gives Hannibal a good slap for his actions and it is a pretty amazing moment.  You see Dr. Chilton is no longer letting Hannibal see his best friend Will Graham.  So Hannibal engineered a situation where he would save Jack Crawford’s wife and further get into his good graces probably so Jack can get him in to see Will again.  Hannibal has basically destroyed his friendship with Mrs. Crawford but that is an acceptable loss in the quest to be with his best buddy Will.

Now lets talk about Beverly Katz.

Hannibal - Season 2

Beverly from the FBI lab has continued to consult with Will Graham while he has been locked up.  Beverly has been a very good friend to Will even listening to his theories about Hannibal Lecter.  She has been reluctant to accept them but a lot of little details over time have pushed her closer to believing that Will might be right.  Last night that all came to a head.  While Hannibal was at the hospital with the Crawfords Beverly decided to take the opportunity to take her investigation to he next level by sneaking into Hannibal Lecter’s house and searching his kitchen.  (it is a really nice kitchen by the way) She finds a human kidney in his fridge, taken from the human-color-pallette-giant-eye-sculpture-killer a few episodes back.  But then she finds her way into the basement and finds… something!  We don’t get to see it but its clearly enough to convince Beverly to get out her gun and start shooting when Hannibal inevitably shows up.  The episode ends with gunshots in the dark. We have no idea what Beverly saw or what her final fate will be.  But considering that she is up against Hannibal Lecter it does not bode well.  Oh Beverly Katz you were the best and if you are dead then it will be a huge loss for everyone.

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