Life In Plastic: MINI RETRO REVIEW: Trapasaurus (The Mordles!)

Toyfinity just released another set of Mordles (The Seas of Uzalek – monochrome grayscale Mordles), and I thought that this was as good a time as any to talk about the original toy line: Rocks, Bugs, & Things!

RBT is a 1985 toy line by Ideal (A division of CBS!), and you can hear a lot about the line in general from places like Bog Leech or Orange Slime.


So, while detail on the strange, strange line of transformable horrors is pretty easy to find, what about actual reviews of the figures?  Well, as a kid, I owned Shriek Beak and Trapasaurus.  Sadly, Shriek Beak has been lost to the sands of time, though Iv’e still got his Mordle. And Shriek Beak has survived – travelling through three or four moves, the entire length of the country, and even my cat!  I tossed in a few photos of him once before, but let’s talk about the rock monster himself:  Trapasaurus


In his “hidden” state, Trapasaurus looks like a big green rock.  But you know, you can tell that something’s up. Even ignoring the seam (Hey, suspension of disbelief is good), he is one of the most obviously monstrous of the group when hidden – most of the other rock monsters did not have visible arms and legs!  But still, I lke his texturing.  It uses a few different shades of green, ad as the paint scrapes over time, it still seems good.


If you press down on the button on Trapasaurus’s back, he springs to life!  It’s a great little mechanism that is still just as strong today as it was thirty years ago, which is a nice touch.  If you look at ole Trappy head-on, you can see some of the mechanism, but that’s fine.  Trapasaurus himself looks a lot bloodier than most dinosaur toys on the market – yes, I know it’s just his skin tone, but he looks like he’s been stripped down to the muscle!  And those eyes are pure evil, too.


In case you’re wondering, he also swivels at both legs, and if you press the button on his back again, you can make his mouth open and close!


The mouth hinge also has a lot of give, allowing him to snack on Mordles, such as the included one.


Dubbed “Vlain” by the people at Toyfnity, Trapasaurus’s Mordle is one of the fattest in the line, but he still fits in the monster’s mouth.  I always liked my orange “Grynt” a little more, but there’s no denying this pudgy guy’s charm!


Oh hey, I almost forgot.  Look!  The new Mordles are gray!  Gray!


That isn’t Photoshop – they really are gray!  Graaaay!



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