Here is a Hannibal Recap

Sorry this week’s Hannibal recap is so late everyone.  I was away for Easter weekend and then I got very sick.  But enough about me, lets talk about Hannibal.

Hannibal - Season 2

This episode did very little to move the overall plot forward but still some interesting things happened.  The episode opens with Will Graham and Jack Crawford doing some ice fishing and talking about how you catch a fish that is not hungry.  Of course this is all a metaphor for how Will is going to draw out Hannibal in the long run.  Jack, Will, and Hannibal then enjoy a nice fish dinner together, and by nice I mean almost hilariously awkward.

The case of the week is about a dead horse that has a dead woman stuffed inside who then has a live bird in her chest.  Its like a really gross nursery rhyme brought to life.  It turns out however that the man who put the dead woman in the dead horse was not the one who killed her.  His name is Peter and he suffered brain damage from getting kicked in the head by a horse.  The real killer is Peter’s case social worker who is trying to frame his charge for the murders.  The ritual Peter performed on the body was his way of mourning.

Hannibal - Season 2

The dynamic between Peter and his serial killing social worker is a mirror to what happened between Will and Hannibal, this causes Will to take the case personally.  By the end it looks like the evil social worker is going to take his final steps to frame Peter but it does not go as planned.  Will and Hannibal arrive just in time to discover that Peter has sewed up the evil social worker inside another dead horse it takes a little bit longer for them to realize that it was done while he was still alive.  The social worker forces his way free of the dead animal and is ready to do some murdering but quickly tries to play the victim when confronted at gunpoint by Will.

Hannibal - Season 2

Then it looks like Will is ready to kill the guy anyway until Hannibal stops him.  If anything it seems Hannibal is not ready for Will to become like him because then their game would more or less be over.

In other events we see Dr. Lecter in a few therapy sessions with a young woman who has been tormented by her brother and had her arm broken.  I have a theory about what this is setting up but I will hold off on that until we see more of her.


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