DJRM’s quick convention tips

Hello everyone.  I am The Original DJRM, writer of Comic Book Storytelling, Hannibal Recaps, and Chicagoland convention coverage.  I am about to embark on another convention weekend at C2E2 and I am here to share a few quick tips to aid in the experience for anyone else.



Stay hydrated.  Most convention floors I have been to have some drinking fountains scattered about and serve free water at the convention panels.  If you happen to walk by a drinking fountain stop a moment and take a quick sip of water.  Same goes for when you are attending panels.  You don’t have to drink a whole cup of water but you should at least take a quick sip.  All these little sips will add up to you staying hydrated and that is a good thing.



Make sure you are wearing shoes that will not only be comfortable but also durable over the weekend.  If you have more than one pair of shoes you might even consider alternating them between days.  Also some good socks would be a good idea.



One of the worst things that will happen to your feet at a convention is standing still.  If you can try to keep moving.  Remember to sit down and rest every once in a while but avoid standing in one spot for too long.  If you are going to be waiting in line for events or autographs standing still will be unavoidable so just try to move your legs a little, maybe do some small inconspicuous stretches.



If you are going to the con to see a specific famous person or panel or other event and you want to talk to them think about what you are going to say.  If you just want to say that you like them and their work then do that.  You don’t have to make up questions to ask them.  If you have questions to ask then do it but remember you are under no pressure or obligation.



Bring some snacks with you.  Convention food is expensive and mostly terrible.  If you can bring a few edible things along with you then do it to avoid wasting money and digestive tract pain on convention food vendors.

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