Saturday are always busy on convention weekends and C2E2 2014 was no different.  There were a lot more people attending and plenty of panels and events.

I will start off with the panels I attended and include some pictures between each one because I have a lot of them.

The first one I went to on Saturday was the Gay Characters and Creators panel.  It was hosted by Steve Disme and featured Russel Dauterman, Rachel Deering, Chad Sell, Rogan Josh, and Gail Simone.  Everyone had a lot to say about gay characters in fiction.  One comic book that got a lot of praise was Young Avengers which now has almost half its cast on the LGBTQ spectrum and the best thing about that is how causally it is treated.  Not every gay character has to be part of an after school special.  It can have a huge impact to just let them be or just seeing them reacted to positively.  Of course at one point the subject of Batwoman’s canceled marriage came up.  While the decision to not let Batwoman marry her girlfriend may not have been done out of any bigotry it was still not handled well.  It also shines a light on the issue of superhero comics being franchises more than self contained stories.

The next panel I attended was called Glass Ceilings, Missing Stairs & Gatekeepers: Geeks Still Deal with Sexism.  The speakers were Carlye Frank, Laura Koroski, Kate Lansky, Dawn Xiana Moon, Erin Tipton, Mitchi Trota, and Susheela Bhat.  This was a sort of sequel to the Exorcising the Specter of the Fake Geek Girl panel from last year.  It seems there was no wifi available so they were not able to live tweet the panel as planned.  They started things off with the simple statement that sexism is still a problem in the geek community and we should not opine otherwise.  I enjoyed this panel very much and got so engrossed in listening that I forgot to takes notes at times.  Here are some of the highlights as I remember them.  They talked about that fact that women in geek culture are not rare unicorns, they have always been a part of it.  The subject of the harassment that many women experience came up and how dismissive people can be about it.  This led to the importance of harassment policies but also why some men get defensive about them.  Other subjects came up like the Bechdel Test, the Sexy Lamp Test, and how women in media are sexualized but not allowed to be sexual.  In fact I am pretty sure I could write a whole other article just about the things talked about at this panel.  Maybe I will but for now lets get on with the recaping.

Later on I went to the Turning Your Art into an Online Business panel.  The speakers gave some good advice and talked about the importance of engaging with fans.  They also talked about the importance of social media and how you have to make choice between whether you want Google or Facebook to have all your information because one of them will take over in the next five years.  On that note I think people need to be reminded that once upon a time everyone was saying the same thing about AOL.  There were plenty of empty seats for people who arrived late but most of them did not stay because for some reason the volunteer at the door was making people squeeze behind the back row instead of letting anyone walk around the front.

In closing here is one more batch of pictures from Saturday.

Once again all pictures were taken by me, the original DJRM.

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