Now for the recap of Sunday, the last day of C2E2 2014.  I only attended two panels this day and I always seem to have fewer pictures the last day of conventions.

First I went to the I Have No Sewing Machine, But I Must Cosplay! The Sequel panel.  The speakers were Laura Scoby, Lindsey Cepak, and Meryle Idzerda.  They talked about the various options people have if they are interested in getting into cosplay.  Commissioning someone to make a costume for you is possible but even if you give them all your correct measurement be prepared to make alterations.  This can be mitigated if the person is close to your area and you can have them take your measurements in person.  It is cheaper to buy pre made costumes but these can be hit or miss but then you are still free to make your own alterations.  They also said that nothing can ruin a good cosplay like a bad wig.  It is a good thing there are a lot more places to get quality wigs now than there used to be.  A lot of cosplayers want to keep their personal life separate from their hobby and that is where social media fan pages can be very useful in providing a filter.  They also had some great advice for making costumes look dirty.  First don’t use real dirt.  They suggested acrylic or alcohol dyes.  Also apparently pig and sheep leather are better to work with than cow or deer leather.


Later that day I attended the Diverse Mean for Diverse Worlds panel moderated by Racebending.com.  And I remembered to take a picture of the panelists at this one.

Gabrial Canada acted as the host and the panel consisted of Ramon Perez, Professor Turtel Onli, Jay Fuller, Marjorie Liu, and Gail Simone.  Oh yeah and Gene Ha, he showed up a little late.  Comic Books and other media have had a problem with including diversity for a long time.  However things are changing in favor of more diversity.  Even if the reasons for it are more financial than moral.  Once editors did not care what percentage of their readership was female.  Now they can’t afford to keep ignoring that audience much less other possible customers.  You can’t wait for diversity to happen organically because it does not happen then.  The media is not saturated with straight white males because of anything organic, it is because choices have been made for decades to make that the default and catering to that kind of lowest common denominator is becoming less and less economically viable.  If there is going to be more diversity then we all have to choose it.  But even now there is an incredible resistance to it especially in mainstream film and television.  Another things the panelists brought up was the simple fact that people don’t like dealing with problems they don’t understand so they ignore them.  This has been an obvious issue in the comic book world.  They gave some advice to people who want to include diversity in their work, if you want to avoid stereotypes then get to know people who are different from you.  This was an excellent panel and a great way for me to end my convention experience this year.

And of course I did take some pictures of things.

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