Saturday night at C2E2 the first ever Crown Championship of Cosplay contest took place.  The program claimed it is the most prestigious costume contest in the United States.  I am not sure how justified they are in making that claim if this is the first one ever but okay.  The contest was judged by Yaya Han, Ashley Eckstein, Austin Scarlett, and Nan Cibula-Jenkins.

I got in line for the event early but not early enough to get a seat close enough to the stage to get decent pictures.  Luckily they had a jumbo screen and I was able to get some decent shots of the contestants from that.  There were four categories and the judges gave awards to the top three in each one.  As with other events I was only able to get usable pictures of the people who held still long enough.


This dragon was so big it did not fit on stage and had to walk out in front.  Also it kept moving constantly so I only have one decent picture of it.


This was Nigel the purple Dalek.

Yaya Han made sure we all got to hear it yell ‘exterminate’ at us.

And this is the little girl that was driving it.



And those are all the usable pictures I have from the actual contest.  There were many more contestants than what are above but it all came down to whether I was able to snap the shot at just the right moment and that did not always happen.  The judges then went backstage to deliberate and in the meantime the host and dj treated us all to an impromptu dance battle between two audience volunteers.

When the judges came back they awarded medals to the top three costumes in each category.


Then they had the top contestants from each category go up on stage for the top prizes.  The top costumes were Ming the Merciless, Fai D Flowright, Queen Amidala, and Bioshock Subject Delta.


Fai D Flowright got the runner up prize.


Queen Amidala won third place.


Ming the Merciless won second place.


In the end Subject Delta won first place and the crown.


And finally here is the one regular picture of the stage contestants and judges I was able to get.


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