Hannibal is the Devil You Know

I have watched another episode of Hannibal and it is time for the recap.

The episode begins with a flashback of Will Graham in his house when Randall, the killer in a beast suit, attacks him.  We see Will picturing visions of Hannibal as he kills Randall.  Then we are back to Hannibal’s house where he helps Will get cleaned up and they talk about what will happen to Randall now that he is dead.  Randall gets his body mutilated and put on display in the museum where his parts have been attached to predator fossils to make him the beast he always wanted to be.

Hannibal - Season 2

In other events of this episode we finally meet Mason Verger face to face.  Now Michael Pitt has played creepy psycho characters before but he manages to make Mason a whole different kind of nasty than what he has done in other roles.  In the past Mason has done some very bad things to his sister Margot and in this introductory scene he indirectly threatens to feed her to one of his special breed of pigs if she does not keep her mouth shut.  Later on Dr. Lecter meets Mason in person and suggests he might want to consider therapy as well.

Hannibal - Season 2

Also in this episode Margo Verger pays another visit to Will Graham.  This time to have sex with him even though she is a lesbian.  You see if Margot kills her brother Mason she will not inherit anything because her dad was a jerk who only wants the Verger fortune to go to a male heir.  So if Margot wants to kill Mason and keep her money she has to have a son first.  At the same time Hannibal is having sex with Alana Bloom again.  And there is a lot of surreal imagery of Will imagining that Margot is Alana and Alana in bed between Will and Hannibal and it all comes off kind of silly actually and lasts just long enough to get kind of boring.

Hannibal - Season 2

And finally Freddy Lounds shows up again.  It seems she does not believe that Dr. Chilton was the Chesapeake Ripper and has moved on to the theory that Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham are both the real Ripper.  She shares this theory with just about everybody.  She then proceeds to sneak into the barn behind Will’s house and find Randall’s beast suit.  She then looks in the freezer and finds Randall’s severed jaw just before Will enters.  Will tries to explain but considering the situation Freddy just shoots at him and runs like hell but Will catches her before she can start her car.

We are then taken to Jack Crawford’s office where he has called everyone together to inform them that Freddy Lounds has gone missing and not too far from where Will lives.  After that Will brings a piece of meat for dinner with Hannibal.  And of course it is implied but not stated that Will killed Freddy Lounds and they are now eating her.  We are then treated to one last symbolic visual that Will and Hannibal are becoming the same like several others that have been in this episode.

So lets talk about this a moment.  First of all Freddy Lounds is probably not really dead.  In fact Dr. Chilton is probably not dead either.  Earlier in the episode Will, Hannibal, and Alana have dinner together (eating a pig Mason gave to Hannibal).  Alana is having a hard time accepting Will and Hannibal’s renewed friendship considering all that has happened between them to which Hannibal replies with that old saying about it being better to deal with the devil you know.  I don’t think Will is actually turning into a killer.  He is pretending to turn into the sort of devil that Hannibal can recognize.  Will knows what kind of devil Hannibal is.  Hannibal may be underestimating what kind of devil Will is capable of being.  If I am correct and this is all an act to trick Hannibal into exposing himself then Jack Crawford must be aware of it.  The only question is how deep into it all is Jack.  Is Jack involved at every level of this plan or is he keeping his distance in case it goes wrong?

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