This Hannibal Recap is On Time

I try to make these Hannibal recap titles clever but since I can’t think of anything good this week we will just celebrate that I am back to getting them up on schedule.  This weeks episode had a lot of stuff about birth and parentage and family bonds.

The episode opens with some of the shows usual crazy surreal imagery of a Will Graham with antlers being born from the body of a black stag while antler monster Hannibal watches.  This is supposed to all symbolic of Will becoming a like Hannibal.  We get some other imagery like this later in the episode of Will and Hannibal seeing themselves in each other.

Hannibal - Season 2

A burning body in a wheelchair shows in a parking garage and the FBI lab guys identify it as Freddy Lounds.  Will spends a lot of time broadcasting that he killed Freddy Lounds without directly saying it and Jack Crawford seems oblivious to it even when he is standing right there.  Alana Bloom on the other hand is starting to suspect that Will may have become a serial killer for real this time and that it might be Hannibal’s fault.  However this does not stop her from making out with Hannibal later on.

Freddy Lounds is not buried long before her burned body is dug up and turned into an effigy of Shiva, a Hindu god that is both creator and destroyer.  When Alana Bloom sees this she says it is part of a “courtship” between the killer and his benefactor.  So Will and Hannibal’s friendship has gone full gruesome homicidal bromance.

Hannibal - Season 2

We see more of Mason Verger this week and it is clear that even if he were not psychotic he would still be a total dick.  He goes on to torment people and collect their tears on little paper tabs and then mix them into his martinis.  Mason begins his own therapy with Dr. Lecter and we hear a little about his past as a pedophile and all around terrible person.  Mason is concerned that his sister Margot might be pregnant and thus free to kill him and take the Verger fortune.  Also in the episode Will Graham finds out that Margot Verger is pregnant and he is the father.  This leads to a lot of old feelings coming up between Will and Hannibal specifically about Abigail Hobbs.  She was a surrogate daughter to Will and Hannibal.  Hannibal even gets to talking about his deceased little sister Mischa and how Abigail reminded him of her.  Some of this conversation makes me wonder if Abigail is really dead.  Could Hannibal be keeping her alive somewhere like he did with Miriam?

Hannibal goes on to manipulate Mason Verger but it is for once unclear what his goal is.  Does Hannibal want Mason to hurt Margot or is he trying to get him to turn over a new leaf and reconcile with her?  Is Hannibal jealous that Margot gets to have a baby with Will while Hannibal no longer has Abigail to bond with?  Whatever the goal the result is Mason engineering a car crash that lands Margot in the hospital.  Then Mason bribes the entire surgical staff into removing enough of her reproductive organs to render her unable to have children.  Mason Verger’s dickishness seems to be endless.

Hannibal - Season 2

Will is not happy that Mason ruined his chance to be a father and goes on to punch him in the face and threaten him at gunpoint.  But Will does not kill Mason, instead he tells him that all of this was engineered by Hannibal.

Elsewhere Alana Bloom meets with Jack Crawford and tries to get a straight answer out of him about why he seems to be so blind to what is happening to Will.  Jack takes Alana to another room where he reveals none other than Freddy Lounds who asks how her funeral was.

I was right.  Freddy Lounds is still alive.  And I am guessing that Dr. Chilton is also still alive somewhere in protective custody recovering from being shot in the face.  Everything that has happened since Chilton’s ‘death’ has been a carefully orchestrated operation run by Will and Jack to catch Hannibal.  But it looks like the presence of the Verger’s may have just derailed everything.

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