Comic Book Storytelling: Original Sin and Future’s End

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling with me your host The Originial DJRM.  Marvel and DC have just started their big summer events.  Marvel is bringing us a story called Original Sin which starts off as a simple murder mystery of who killed the Watcher.  DC is bringing us Future’s End the story of Batman Beyond going back in time to stop the world from being taken over by cyborg zombies.

Both of these series had a #0 preview come out and their first issue of the main series.  I will be talking about both.

The #0’s


Original Sin #0 has the new Nova (still not sure what happened to the old one) asking a simple question about the Watcher.  Why.  Why does the Watcher watch things?  This new Nova, Sam Alexander, flies to the moon to ask and spends some time checking out the Watcher’s home.  It turns out the Watcher has a vault full of all kinds of dangerous cosmic weapons and that he does not just watch the Earth or the universe but is capable of seeing the whole multiverse.  We also get a look at the Watcher’s past.  It turns out his father tried to help some people a long time ago and it ended in disaster which led to the Watchers’ vows to observe but never interfere.  The Watcher watches in the hopes that maybe one day he will see that his father was right to try to help others.  Nova is sympathetic because his experience with his own father, a former member of the Nova Corps.  The Watcher only says three words the whole issue but he is still more humanized in this story than he has ever been before.



Future’s End shows us a future world where most of the DC heroes have been turned into zombie cyborg OMACs under the control of Brother Eye.  We see the remaining heroes get brutally killed in graphically violent ways until only Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis is left.  He manages to go back in time in the hopes of preventing this horrific future from happening but finds that the events he came to stop are already in motion.


The #1’s

Original Sin #1 opens with the Watcher in his home on the moon as he becomes aware that someone is coming for him and faces his doom with dignity.  Nick Fury is called in to investigate along with a seemingly random team of crossover guest stars.  Whoever killed the Watcher and looted his vault used The Mindless Ones who are no longer mindless from some reason and are going crazy because of it.  We get a glimpse at the end of the people responsible but not enough to be sure who they are.  However it turns out they apparently killed the Watcher so they could steal his eyeballs… I was not expecting that.

I did not actually buy Future’s End #1.  I just paged though it at the comic book store.  I believe that if you can’t get a feel for a comic book story from the visuals it is not worth buying.  There is only one sequence from Future’s End #1 that was at all memorable.  The masked vigilante Grifter murders a woman in her home then chases her daughter through the house and murders her too.  It turns out this mother and child were actually alien invaders pretending to be humans but I don’t think that matters.  If you take away the narration boxes and world bubbles it is just a few pages of a man murdering a mother and child.  If this is the kind of crap DC wants to waste their page count on they can sell it to someone else.


So my final assessment is that I will keep reading Original Sin and I don’t care about Future’s End.

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