Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman #5

I have never read Miracleman before the current Marvel Comics reprints.  I will be here to give you my impression of them as a first time reader as they continue to be released.


With this issue begins Book 2 of the Miracleman story.

The issue opens with a cheetah being hunted and trying to escape.  We see that Dr. Emil Gargunza is present to witness it.  We see the cheetah on the side bar of the next few pages before it is killed by some unseen force.  We also see Johnny Bates and Kid Miracleman again still both locked in Johnny’s mind.  A pretty nurse is taking care of Johnny and this does not go unnoticed and it looks like Kid Miracleman may have found the first step to setting himself free.

This issue is also the first time I think we get a really good look at the physical difference between Mike Moran and Miracleman.  Before this I thought Mike Moran pretty much looked the same as his super counterpart just with a few extra aging lines.  For the first time we have a good look at his out of shape middle aged body followed by a look at Miracleman’s chiseled and sparkly naked body.  Elsewhere Mr. Cream has secured a deal with the clandestine government and military forces that created Miracleman to keep them at bay.

We then see Miracleman sitting on a rock by himself for some reason when a kid preparing for nuclear war finds him.  They have a conversation and Miracleman shows off his powers to the kid before flying home.  Once at home he finds his wife has been kidnapped.  Miracleman and Mr. Cream try to figure out who took Liz unaware that Dr. Gargunza is behind it.  On the last page Gargunza introduces himself to Liz saying that he is basically Miracleman’s father and that soon he will be his son.  I am guessing this means that Dr. Gargunza plans to steal the baby and use it as a vessel to extend his own life, either that or we are about to get into some weird time travel paradox territory.

The back up material of this issue includes another old black and white Marvelman comic featuring the first appearance of Dr. Gargunza.  There is also a wordless short Young Miracleman story.  In it Young Miracleman is making deliveries in 1957 and notices the attractive secretary and decides to go get her something.  He flies off to Pluto and goes up to the sexy almost naked blue ice Queen of Pluto and steals her royal necklace.  He intends to give it to the pretty secretary as a gift but it was an ice necklace and by the time he gets back with it he is just handing her bad of water.  It is a sort of sweet sad little story and maybe a possible commentary on sexist story tropes.


Now before we close there is one other things that comes up in this story I have been thinking about.  Mike Moran and Miracleman talk about each other like they are different people and the narrative seems to be trying to treat them like separate entities.  But at one point Mike and Liz are arguing and she accuses him of running away when he turns into Miracleman and I think she is onto something.  Maybe the truth is there is no real difference between who Mike and Miracleman are.  Maybe all of the talk referring to each other separately is his way of pretending they are two different men so that he can run away from his problems.

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