Fanfiction Friday: Justin Bieber in “Justin Bieber Luvs Blk ****”

Hey, I finished moving and have WiFi again, so I can do this again! Probably!

Lil Wayne walked up to Ushers hotel room door and knocked on it. The three;
Lil Wayne, Usher and Justin Bieber were all on tour together. Lil Wayne
waited about a minute and Usher still hadnt come tobthe door so he turned
around and was about to walk back to his hotel room when he heard the door
open behind him. He turned around and there he saw usher standing in
nothing but a towel that was wrapped around him.

I would check to see if these three were ever actually on tour with each other, but I don’t actually care. Also, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even matter.

Lil Wayne: Shit it took you long enough to come to the door brah.

Usher: My bad.. I was in the shower man. Come on it.

Oh, dear, this is going to be a hard one for my internal Grammer Nazi, isn’t it?

Usher opened the door the rest of the way so that Lil Wayne could enter
into his hotel room. As Lil Wayne walked through the door and passed Usher
he saw Justin Bieber sitting on the hotel suite couch playing video games
and wearing nothing but his basket ball shorts and his boxer briefs. Lil
Wayne couldnt help but
notice that Biebers hair was soaking wet.

I do believe that this is implying that Bieber and Usher were already in the shower together. Remember that.

Lil Wayne: Waddup Bieber.

Bieber: Hi Wayne

Usher: Come wit me Wayne i got that back here for you

Got what?

Oh, god, this is going to be immensely racist isn’t it?

Usher lead Wayne to the back of the hotel suite where his bedroom was. He
then went into his pants pocket that was laying on the bed and pulled out a
wad of money.

Usher: You got that for me right?

Lil Wayne: Yea i got that weed for you brahh.. But put ya money away. I
dont want that shit.

Usher: You dont want the money then how im a pay for the weed man. I need

No. No one fucking gets addicted to fucking pot. Meth, Heroine, Crack? Sure. But not fucking pot. If I smoked for a month straight, then just quit, the most would happen to me is a minor headache. THAT’S IT. YOU DO NOT GET ADDICTED TO FUCKING MARIJUANA. ALSO, THIS IS NOT HOW DRUG DEALS WORK. FROM EXPERIENCE, SIR.

Lil Wayne: What i want is sitting in there on the couch.

Usher: Sitting on the couch.. Bieber.. Is that what you talking about?

Lil Wayne: Hell yea nigga you know what im talking about. I want that lil
wit boy on this dick!

“Hell yea we gonna talk even mor racist and with even less grammer and punctuation!!!!1!”

Usher: I don know about that Wayne. I know how thus industry is. If one
nigga fucks somebody then he ends up getting passed around the entire
endustry and i promised his mom id look out for him. Hes only 15.

In case you weren’t already disgusted.

Lil Wayne dropped his pants that was already halfway to the floor the rest
of the way down and was just standing infornt of Usher in only his fitted
Boxer briefs. Ushers eyes went straight to the package that Lil Wayne had
consiled in his boxer briefs.

Lil Wayne: Yea nigga i know you miss this dick dont you. You cant even take
your eyes off this.

He grabbed his dick and started shaking it. Ushers eyes remain on his
crotch area. There was nothing he could do. He started remembering how good
Lil waynes dick tasted and how good it felt to have it in his ass. He
rememberd how he was passed around the young money crew in his earlier
years as their toy.


Lil Wayne: Get over here and take my drawls down nigga and hurry the fuck

Usher did just that. Wayne didnt have to tell him twice he quickly walked
over to Wayne grabbing his boxer briefs waist band on both sides and slid
them dow to the floor to reast there with his pants. Waynes dick hung there
still soft. On soft his dick was damn near close to 9 inches. Lil wayne sat
on the bed and the bed and then layed back folding his arms behind his head

Really? Only nine inches? That’s rather mild by fanfiction standards. Huh.

Lil Wayne: Take my shoes, socks, pantd and drawls off.

Usher again mesmorized did just as he was told he took off his shoes.. Then
his socks.. Then his pants and last his boxer briefs. He couldnt stop
looking at Waynes dick which had started to grow.

Lil Wayne: Now go get me that white ass from your living room!

Usher: Let me do it for you. Let me suck you Wayne. Let me ride it. Please.
Hes just a boy. And i want it so bad Wayne it would be just like old times.

Wayne: Nigga strip!

“Please don’t commit and somehow force me to commit disgusted pedophilia with an obvious pre-pubescent lesbian!”

Hey, it’s pre-bucket pissing. I CAN STILL GET AWAY WITH THE LESBIAN JOKES.

Usher did just as he was told. He was only wearing a towel which was poking
out in the front from Ushers dick being brick hard. Lil wayne looked him up
and down. Then told him to turn around. Usher did just as he was told. He
then commanded Usher to get on his knees infornt of him.

Lil Wayne: Suck my shit nigga until im completly hard.. Go head nigga put
this shit in ya mouth!

Usher waisted no time. He quickly fell to his knees and took Waynes dick
into his mouth wrapping his lips tightly around Waynes now semi hard now
10.5 inches of dick and swallowed it all the way down. He began to bobb up
and down on Waynes dick taking it all the way to the base of it burrying
his nose into Waynes pubic hairs and taking a nice sniff of his musty scent
and then back up to the top and sucking on the head and then back down and
back up again.

Somehow, I doubt LIL FUCKING WAYNE has an eleven inch dick. Also, THE FUCKING ENGLISH JESUS CHRIST.

Lil Wayne: Get them balls nigga!

Usher did just as he was told.. He went all the way back down on Waynes
dick burrying his dick inside is throat but this time when he got to the
base of that dick he stuck his tongue out and started to lick Waynes balls
with his dick all the way down his throat.

Wayne: Aiight bitch get up. Now i want some of that white boy move. He
pushed usher to the side and stood up abd proceded to walk out of the
bedroom and into the hotel suite living room with nothing on but his wife
beater and his now fully hard 12.5 inches leading the way. Usher forgetting
that he too was naked and that his 8.5 inches of dick was too hard ran out
of the room after Wayne hoping to stop him but by time he got to the living
room Wayne was standing right infront of Bieber with his 12.5 inches less
then 1 inch from Biebers mouth.

How the fuck did Wayne just walk up in front of Bieber and stick his dick in Biebers face without him even noticing? Is Bieber high? Wait, probably. Nevermind.

Lil Wayne: Open up them pick lips lil white nigga.. I got something fa yu.

“fa yu”?

fa yu

fu ya

fus roh



Usher: Bieber you dont have to do nothing you dont want to do.

“Also, since you’re only 15 this is technically statutory rape, but whatever, I guess.”

Lil Wayne: Shut the fuck up bitch.. This white bitch belongs to me now..
Matter fact both yall bitches belong to me get the fuck over here and take
Biebers clothes of and hurry the fuck up!

I do like how Wayne is just able to force Usher to assist him in this Statutory Rape with no hassle whatsoever.

Usher just stood there. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He was
being forced to undress Justin Beiber and to hand him over to Lil Wayne for
his own pleasure. He tried his hardest to keep his protege away from and
out of the music industries serial escapades. But here he was standing
completely naked in front of Beiber with a fully hard 8.5 inch dick. Lil
Wayne, who also was standing there partially nude with nothing but a wife
beater on and with his 12.5 inch thick veiny black dock in his hand
stroking it, was commaning him to undress his protege and offer him to him.

Lil Wayne: Nigga I said undress him!

Usher: I can’t. He’s just a boy, 16 Wayne.

Wait, wait, wait. Earlier you said he was 15. Now he’s 16? SIR, I DOUBT THE VERISMILITUDE OF YOUR RACIST POP STAR RAPE FIC.

Lil Wayne walked over to Usher and grabbed him by his dick and began to
walk him over to Beiber. Once they were right next to Beiber Wayne let go
of Ushers dick and grabbed his own 12.5 inch dick and started shaking it at

Lil Wayne: Nigga if you ever want this dick again you’d better undress that
white nigga now!

Usher stood there for a few seconds. He looked back and forth between
Beiber and Waynes big black dick. He loved Waynes dick so much. Having it
in his mouth.. In his ass.. The taste.. The feeling… He would to just
about anything to please his dick giver and to be able to continue getting
that 12.5 inches of Waynes rod. He looked at Waynes dick one more time,
licked his lips and then looked at Beiber who was standing there looking as
if he didn’t know what was going on or going to happen.

Usher: I’m sorry Beiber.

“I’m sorry that I am somehow not only addicted to this mans penis, but so addicted that I’m going to help him commit statutory rape!”

Beiber: Sorry for what. I’m not doing this Usher. I’m not getting
undressed. I’m not into that gay shit.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just because it’s the anus, does not mean that shit is involved. Calm your tits.

Usher: It’ll be OK Beiber I promise.

Beiber: I don’t know what you guys was doing back there but I’m not doing
no gay stuff Usher.

Lil Wayne: You’ll do what the fuck I want white boy. Now shut the fuck up
and let this nigga undress you.

Beiber: Fuck you Lil Wayne im not gay

“Yeah, I like vagina! Specifically, I like rubbing my vagina against other vagina! Not a fan of the penis, though.”

Lil Wayne: Nigga grab him and take his clothes of!

Usher who was only thinking about loosing his privileges to Waynes big dick
didn’t hesitate in doing just what he was told. He quickly grabbed Beiber
and started tugging at his pants pulling them down to where they was on the
floor. Beibers boxers also slid down with his pants revealing his 7 inch of
soft white boy cock. Beiber fought against Usher trying to get loose from
his grip but Usher was stronger very over powering.

Beiber: What are you doing Usher? I’m not gay. Why are you doing this?
Stop, please stop.. I don’t want to do this.

In case you were wondering, no, Bieber does not come to like the sexual assault in this one.

Lil Wayne: Shut the fuck up Beiber. You belong That means you are
gonna do what I tell you to do and you’re gonna like it. Just like Usher

Through out Beibers squirming and fighting Usher managed to pull Beibers
pants and boxers completely off of him and was now holding him down
restraining him from moving.

Lil Wayne: Turn him over. Let me see his young pink boy pussy

Usher picked Beiber up completely off of the couch and flopped him back
down onto the couch on his stomach. Beiber was still squirming trying to
get free but Usher was not letting him free. It was either Lil Wayne got
what he wanted or he would loose Lil Waynes dick and he didn’t want to
loose the dick. After Beiber was on his stomach on the back with Usher
holding him down at his shoulders Wayne walked over to them and got down on
his knees. He placed one hand on both of Beibers small, 16 year old, white
boy ass cheeks and spread them apart. From Beibers squirming he was making
his hole that was now looking right at Wayne being to pucker in and out.

Lil Wayne: Damn. Look at that pussy. All tight and pink. Pretty as fuck!

Beiber: Stop please.. I’m not gay. I like girls.. Please stop. You said
youd always protect me Usher. Help me please!

Lil Wayne couldn’t control himself. He grabbed ahold of his 12.5 inches of
black meat with one hand, spit into his other hand and then rubbed it onto
his dick. Then he looked down at Bieber light little hole and spit making
sure that it landed on his pink hole. He then grabbed the base of his dick
and pointed the head towards Bieber hole and began to push his pat mushroom
head into Beibers tight boy pussy.

Biber: No, stop! Please!

Usher: Just hold still Justin, it won’t hurt to much.

What? Twelve and a half inches won’t hurt? Fuck you.

Just as Usher told Beiber to hold still it wouldn’t hurt Lil Wayne pushes
the full 12.5 inches of his meat into Beibers tight 16 year old boy hole.
Beibers body jumped and he screamed out from the pain that he endured as
the thick black dick entered into him. Tears began to softy flow from his
eyes as he felt each pump oof Lil Wayne a dick moving back and forth inside
of him. Beibers squirming began to slowly cease and he looked up at Usher
who was now standing in front of him but still holding onto his shoulders.

Lil Wayne: Damn this is some dood boy pussy. God damm’it this shit feels so

Beiber was rocking back and forth with each hard thrust of Waynes dick. He
was looking at Usher with tears of pain in his eyes. He couldn’t believe
that Wayne was doing this to him nor could he believe that his role model..
His protector Usher was allowing this to happen to him. Usher looked down
at Beiber who was just starring up at him. He felt sorry for what was
happening but he needed to keep Lil Waynes dick in his midst. Wayne kept
pumping his dick inside of Beibers boy pussy. He pumped so hard that he was
ramming his black thighs against Beibers as checks. With each pound he
would hit harder and harder until his dick was beginning to swell. He
could feel his balls begin to tighten up and Beiber could feel his dick
swelling inside his hole.

Have you ever even orgasmed before?

Lil Wayne: I’m about to bust this pussy open.. I’m gonna put all my nut in
you lil white nigga!

Beiber: No. Please dont. Please don’t let him cum inside of me Daddy.
(Which was a nick name that Beiber sometimes called usher.


Heraing Beiber call him daddy sent usher over the edge. He’d never really
payed much attention to him calling him daddy before, but today at this
moment it was different. He heard it in a different way. Usher couldn’t
control himself he was so turned on from hearing Beiber call him daddy and
from watching Lil Wayne digging inside his hole he grabbed a hold of his
dick that was leaking precum and pushed it forward into Beibers mouth.

To Be Continued…..

…Except it won’t since it’s been about 6 months since it was published. Oh, well.

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