Gateway Runners Kickstarter

Gateway Runners is an indie comic struggling towards existence. It’s a labor of love by creators Gene Hoyle and Ashley Lanni! They provide quite a few lovely finished and work-in-progress images of the pages. The setting includes flying cars! It’s obviously very scifi and promises us readers a grand adventure!

The rewards tiers are pretty sweet too! They include digital and physical copies of the comic, variant covers, a “Making of the Series” audio interview, and concept art and being drawn into the comic!

We do have a couple of questions for Gene! It seems like he’s taken part in a Kickstarter before, but this is the first project for Nerd Nation Publishing.

How much of the series will the funds you raise cover? If not the entire run, then how do you guys intend to keep funding it?

What direction will you take the project in if this Kickstarter fails to reach it’s goal? Would you consider an alternate method of funding or finding an established publisher?

Where will it be available for purchase?

Maybe I should make a Kickstarter account and ask the page!

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