Drumming Out of Beat.

Firefly Soundtrack.


So the article I was supposed to have ready for your consumption my faithful few readers is still being written. I’m trying to come at this nasty piece of work called Queens Blade in a way that I can explain how insanely stupid it is while not partaking of the infectious madness. It’s…challenging. That being said, and me being behind on deadline (not a good way to impress your editor by the way. Especially after such a lengthy hiatus.) I decided to do next weeks column this week and this weeks next week. Or maybe this is six or seven weeks column in the future, being brought to you now though the power of imagination! Okay any way you cut it, this article that was supposed to happen after Queens Blade is being bumped to before the Queens Blade Review. Because being on time is obviously something I can’t do well.


So on September 20th 20o2, Fox was blessed with what fans call a perfect television show. Spaceships, cowboys, thieves, whores, laser pistols, a government that was ineffective at best and downright interfering at worst,and war vets that are just trying to make a living.  Of course I’m talking about Firefly.  But Fox being Fox, decided to fuck this perfection of Joss Whedon’s right in the ass. Showing the episodes out of order, (there by confusing potential viewers) constantly changing air times and dates, preempting the show for whatever garbage reality show they wanted to test on the unsuspecting public, finally canceling it after one season.


(Really Fox execs, you screwed up.)

Yet we browncoats did have our victory after all was said and done. We got a major motion picture named Serenity.  Now I will let it be know here and now I will be reviewing Serenity, there will be drool, there will be fanboy juices flying everywhere,and there will be squeeing. But that is not today. Today I’m going in a different route. I’m going to give a listen to the soundtrack of the TV series of Firefly.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXsbqKxNuA0&list=PL82393B84256FA321 Now we all know and love this opening song. Most of us sing along. (In my case slightly off key but hey I give it all I got.) Written by Joss Whedon and performed by Sonny Rhodes it is a great opener. Very simple yet powerful song. Hits right in the emotions.  On the whole one of the best pieces of music to ever come from a television show.

At this point Greg Edmonson comes in and scores the rest of the series…and he just nails it. The very little research I’ve done on him list his credits as Uncharted (the video game) as his.  I can see why they grabbed him up while developing the game.

Now I know this is a t.v. score, but here is the thing. It stands up on its own. I’m listening to this soundtrack as I write this column and I still get tears in my eyes. And they not from the memories of  the show, but brought on just because of the music.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2b3aZQvOI8 This track is called The Funeral. And dear God in Heaven is it poignant.The synthesizer with the use of that violin, starting very softly making you feel as if you were just beginning the first realizations that  life is fleeting, to be quickly pulled into the realization that everything you dream of is over, and all that is left is the sadness of those still living, and the hurt they feel.

Yet this soundtrack is not all sad. NO NO NO.  Sometimes it just wants to make you dance.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sg16oRIGFE Going back to Celtic roots with the penny whistle and drums, this little tune is one that makes you want to leap and twirl and just have simple fun.

I could list all the songs as they are on Youtube as you can see from my many links, but honestly I think this album is something you gotta experience for yourself.  It really is a joy on the ears, and is great for casual listening .  The blending of the many cultural influences really transcends those influences to become a great piece of unique music.

The album is available by track or complete on Itunes. (I would link it here but Apple being stupid.)  Also available here http://www.amazon.com/Original-Television-Soundtrack-Edmonson-Composer/dp/B000BLI4PQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403306787&sr=8-1&keywords=firefly+soundtrack on Amazon.

Well, we had the good. Now for the bad. Tonight I finish Queens Blade episode 1. May the Gods have mercy on my soul.

If you want something reviewed, want to call me out for my many mistakes, ask a stupid question or just want to throw insults my way, you can contact me at Menoth22@gmail.com I don’t tweet so that’s out, but Facebook page will be up soon. (I hope.)

Till next time.



(Really really screwed the pooch on this one Fox)

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