FanFiction Friday: Carl Grimes in “Carl Grimes Gets Lost”

Yeah, another Carl Grimes story. Fucking Nifty seems to love these. Is that site full of pedophiles or something?

I wanted to stick it in the kid’s ass the first moment I laid eyes on him.


He was stumbling through the forest when I caught a glimpse of the 13 year
old boy struggling with a large back pack and carrying a shiny, but heavy
pistol. The teen boy was wearing raggedy jeans and a sweaty t-shirt along
with what looked like a sheriff’s hat covering his long brown hair matted
with sweat and dirt.

In case you were unsure how awful and disgusting this is.

I say I wanted to fuck this boy pretty much because he was the only other
person I had seen in months, other than the walkers, that is.


That and I
was a life long lover of the underaged. I knew it was wrong and, in spite
of my fantasies and rampant urges, I never once acted on those feelings.

Oh! So he’s a good pedophile! Nice to know!

was a 39 year old virgin. My name is Scott and I am technically retired as
an officer in the US Army which I joined to escape my desires. I was
originally a field medic then worked my way up to become a military doctor,
surgeon and eventually an experimental researcher. I was discharged last
year after my services were no longer required because of the outbreak.

Wouldn’t a god damn zombie outbreak mean that you’re needed more?

I have been spending the last year fortifying my compound which consists of
a fairly modern two story house in the backwoods about a mile from any
major road or clearing. The single dirt road that lead to my compound had
been erased by my hands. I had shored up the entire first floor with brick
with the only entrance being from a swing rope that lead from a platform up
in the trees to the second floor of the house.

Okay, first, how would erasing the path mean that walkers are less like to find you? Second, where the fuck did he get all the bricks? Thirdly, wouldn’t doing all this be worse because the sound would just fucking attract more of them?

Seeing the young teen struggling through the forest I decided to leave my
compound and approach him. I didn’t know what I was going to do � was I
going to go against my sense of propriety and just attack him and bring him
back to my compound or was I going to just walk up to him and introduce
myself. I had no clue. I made it into the forest to track down this wayward

A half hour passed then a full hour passed and I still could not track down
the boy. I knew which direction he was headed in, but little did I know he
was quite slippery and was hiding from me, assuming I was some kind of
walker. The daylight had gone and only a little bit of blue remained in the
sky giving the forest an eerie look. All of a sudden I hear a gun shot go
off and I see the tree leaves bend and break as something in the darkness
was running towards me. SLAM! Something hit me in the chest and knocked me
down. In the darkness all I could see was two walkers coming towards me so
I fired my 9mm six times as the walkers approached. The two walkers landed
on top of me so I finished the job with my hunting knife. After catching my
breath I looked over to the side and saw the boy laying on the ground,
apparently unconscious and bleeding all over.

Hes was dead. The end. Sorry to waste your time.

I scooped up the teen who barely weighed 110 lbs and carried him out of the
forest back to my place. I had to grab a sling to keep the boy strapped to
my back as I swung on the rope to get inside my compound. I felt the boy
against my back, his heat and his breathing sending shivers down my
spine. His smell was intoxicating as it was a mix of teen boy sweat, fear
and some of the dampness the boy picked up in the forest


I took the boy into my makeshift ER and stripped him down and started to
patch him up. No time to ogle the boys white naked body although I was
getting very exciting touching him all over while I cleaned his wounds on
his chest and arms and stitched up a nasty gash on the back of his leg. The
boy stirred and started to moan. I told him my name and where he was. He
said his name was Carl, Carl Grimes and he was looking for his friend and
got lost. Carl was wincing in pain so I told to relax and that he safe
now. I gave him some pain killers through the IV I had started. That
relaxed him and the injured boy drifted off to sleep having been taken care
of by my expert hands. Now I had a chance to look at the boy quietly
sleeping with only a sheet covering his lower half.

Why the fuck do I keep getting stuck with pedophile stories? Why the fuck can I never find a batshit Comicsnix story, or a pokemon rape story? Nope, it’s fucking underage rape. Fuck my life.

I stayed throughout the night in the room with Carl and watched his smooth
white chest move up and down with every breath. I reached out and touched
his skin a couple of times, partly to check his wounds and partly to remind
me this wasn’t a dream.

In the morning Carl awoke and tried to sit up but couldn’t. He said he had
to pee so I helped him sit up and handed him a bottle while I reluctantly
looked away. Carl lay back down and looked himself over and starting asking
me a million questions. I answered as best I could and told him it was time
to sit up and get out of bed. I helped Carl up out of bed and held his
naked body against mine while guiding him to the living room where I had
prepared him a softer place to stay. For the first time I got to see the
beautiful naked 13 year old who was still groggy from the pain killers. He
crept into the makeshift bed on the couch and I saw his milky smooth ass
cheeks spread apart for just long enough for me to take a peek at Carl’s
hole. He lay on his back and I saw his package which was a soft,
circumcised penis over a pair of acorn sized balls that were still a bit
snug to his body. A small patch of dark hairs rested about his flaccid
member and the head of his dick rested snugly on top of his hairless plump
balls. I covered him up with the blanket and rubbed him gently. Carl

“Not because he liked it, but because he was high off his ass on Morphine and he’d smile at anything.”

Carl drifted in and out of sleep for an entire day. I fed him and he got
himself out of bed a couple of times to relieve himself off the second
floor balcony. He had asked for his clothes, but I told him they were dirty
and I didn’t mind him being naked. He was a bit bashful but eventually got
used to walking around the house naked. I would catch glimpses of his cute
bubble butt and his bouncing penis whenever I could.

We get it. You like underage boys. Move the fuck along.

After the second day I brought in a bucket of warm water I had heated on
the fire and told him it was time for a bath. He tried to get up and I just
pressed his chest back down telling him I would wash him right
here. Because of the open sores and my low supply of bandages he couldn’t
get dirty water in the wounds. I washed Carl from head to toe with a sponge
and my hands. I rubbed up and down his chest and neck with warm water
towelling him off and rubbing him constantly. I asked him if he wanted to
do his own privates and he said no it was okay for me to do it. I gripped
Carl’s balls and washed all around them, spreading his legs open so some of
the water would drip down his crack. I gripped his penis which was starting
to get hard and rubbed it with my thumb and finger bringing Carl to a full
erection. Carl’s face was beet red and he gave me a half-nervous smile.

Carl’s balls were so warm to the touch and I rubbed my fingers from the
underside of his sac to his hole causing Carl to squirm and moan. Carl’s
erection was throbbing in my right hand. It was a plump thick dick for a
thirteen year old, a healthy five inches long with the perfect flared
head. His cock was rock hard and red with excitement as I used my whole
hand to jerk him up and down a few times with the warm water. Here I was
jerking off a teenage boy for the first time and it took a zombie
apocalypse for it to happen. I continued jerking Carl off and used my other
hand to dig between his legs and massage his perineum. This caused Carl to
lift his butt up and flex his cock so hard I saw some pre-cum bubble up and
escape his piss hole. I really wanted to put his dick in my mouth and suck
Carl off, but I could sense he was almost there so I gripped his cock as
hard as I could and jacked it up and down running the palm of my hand over
his sensitive head. Carl was now bucking his hips and thrashing about as he
grunted and fired off a fairly thick glob of white cum from his developing
penis. Straight up in the air followed by three or four more very powerful
volleys of thirteen year old sperm. I could feel the throbbing with my
other hand that had dug in between Carl’s legs. Carl was whimpering as he
slowly fucked my hand which was now covered in a copious amount of his
cum. I smelled my hands which were heavenly and even licked up some of
Carl’s teen spunk. It was everything I thought it would be. Warm, fresh,
and tasting of Carl! It was the best moment of my life.

You know, I wake up every Friday, and realize that there is a good chance that I will have to read about Carl Grimes ejaculatory penis. I thought this meant I was ready to read about it. I wasn’t.

After coming down from his orgasmic high, Carl blushed and let out a little
giggle as he watched me continue to wash him like nothing had happened. I
flipped him over and washed Carl’s back and legs. Carl’s upper body was
still very much that of a boy’s, but his legs were very lean and strong
from all the walking and running I suppose. Carl’s bubble butt, however,
was quite boyish and smooth which a perfectly round plumpness to it that
begged to be squeezed (and other things).

I know it’s awful of me, but I really kind of hope that Chandler Riggs has a heart attack tomorrow so that I never have to read another Carl Grimes Erotic Fan Fiction again.

I got Carl some clothes that consisted of a pair of red sweatpants that I
cut off the bottom third of the legs so they would fit him (but still hang
a bit loose to see that sweet butt of his) and one of my old army t-shirts
that draped off him making him look even younger. He wasn’t wearing any
underwear as I had nothing to give him. I joked that he looked like a
Christmas tree with his red pants and green shirt. Carl looked away and
started to sob uncontrollably. I went to him and wrapped Carl up in my arms
and hugged him. Carl buried his face in my chest and I knew right there he
was releasing the pent up emotions he must’ve been hiding for so many
months, maybe even longer. I took him to the couch and cuddled the soft,
sweet smelling boy in my lap, gently stroking his long hair and soft, wet
face. I cradled Carl with one hand cupping his butt and holding him close
while he calmed down.

Real classy time to cop a feel there, buddy.

I wiped away the tears with some tissue and asked if he was better now and
he was. I told him he was safe now and I would protect him. He didn’t need
to fight the walkers anymore, we could just stay here as long as we
wanted. If Carl had anything he wanted to say to me he would have so I just
left it at that there would be plenty of time to talk later. For now I
wanted to be so close to Carl. Partly because he was so hot looking and
sexy, the other part because I genuinely wanted him to be well. I took him
to my bedroom and lay him down crawling next to him and pulling the covers
over us. He turned and melted into my arms as I wrapped my arms around his
back and held him close. I smelled him and he had that unmistakable smell
of a growing teenage boy. Carl was calm now and I did everything I could to
prevent myself from grinding my hardness against his developing teenage
body. We both drifted off to sleep, both of us happier than we’d been in a
very long time

“Again, he was only happy because of the Morphine.”

In the morning I could feel Carl’s rigid dick poking me through the thin
fabric of my sweatpants. He was still asleep. I was tempted to grab it and
jerk Carl off, but I decided to untangle myself and start making some
breakfast on my indoor fire grill. About half an hour later, Carl came
downstairs looking so cute in my loose fitting clothes. He was awoken by
the smell of some canned bacon I was frying up. He smiled at me and I
looked him over. His messy hair framed his cute freckled face, clearly Carl
was more boy now than the hardened teenager I had seen traipsing through
the woods

Please, god, tell me canned bacon is not a thing.

Carl put on his Sheriff’s hat and looked so damn sexy pulling his
sweatpants back up over his bare white ass every thirty seconds. He
complained about the clothes not fitting right and said he had another set
of clothes in the backpack he dropped in the forest a few days ago. I told
him we would go looking for it and wash his clothes down in the river, but
in the mean time he didn’t have to wear anything. Carl let go of his
sweatpants which instantly fell to the floor showing off his teenage cock
to me and his little patch of hairs. He kept the hat on and the t-shirt
while we both ate breakfast. The glass table we were sitting at let me
sneak some looks at Carl’s package. He was a very sexy boy indeed.

Around noon I got Carl his bloody jeans and watched him slide them up his
hairless legs and over his perfect boy butt. We gathered up some weapons
and headed down to the river. There was a clearing with low grass and very
few trees that would give us a good view of anything approaching. Carl
stripped down and started washing his clothes. I watched the completely
naked thirteen year old crouching down on his feet so his dick and balls
hung below his spread ass cheeks. My god he looked so beautiful, Carl’s
skinny hairless body was in the throes of puberty with his arms, legs and
feet looking slightly too big for a boy of only 110 or so pounds. His penis
was perfect even in its soft state. I was tempted to take him right there
in the open

Why the fuck are they so concerned about their clothes being clean in A GODDAMN ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?

The sun was beaming down and Carl was sweating while he scrubbed his
clothes clean. I was standing behind him and decided to have a little fun
so I stripped down to my boxers and picked Carl up. The naked boy squealed
as I walked him out into the river and dunked him in the water. He freed
himself from my grip and started to wrestle with me. The slippery, naked
teen was wrapped around my body trying to pull me into the water. I could
feel the heat of Carl’s penis which was hardening against my stomach. With
his chest pressed against my face I stuck my tongue into his arm pit and
started licking. Carl laughed out loud and let go of me falling back into
the water. I jumped on top of him and we started wrestling in the shallow
water near the river bank. I loved having Carl’s naked wet body sliding
against mine. We were now both completely hard, Carl not caring that his
5-inch cock was rubbing up against my 7-inch one. I grabbed his ass and
pressed his penis down onto me and Carl started grinding back and forth.

Who the fuck taught Carl about sex? Who the fuck had the time with, you know, THE FUCKING ZOMBIES?!

This was pure heaven having Carl’s thirteen year old naked body rubbing up
against mine � something I had been dreaming about for almost thirty
years. Carl was laughing and humping me at the same time. I leaned forward
and kissed him on the lips. This surprised Carl who hadn’t been kissed by
anyone other than his mom and what happened with her was still very fresh
in his mind. Carl rested his head on my shoulder grinding slowly against me
as I stroked his hair and back and massaged his butt. I knew the boy needed
another release so I firmly grabbed each of his ass cheeks and pulled him
up my chest so his cock was a few inches from my face. I stared at the rock
hard piece of flesh before giving Carl’s shaft a lick from base to
tip. Naked Carl moaned as I ran my tongue over his penis head. Nature took
over and Carl shoved his throbbing cock into my mouth which I was more than
happy to receive.

There are so many things wrong with this that it’s probably best just to move along…

Carl instinctively fucked his cock in and out of my mouth while I sucked
him and tonged his shaft and head. The sun and heat caused Carl to start
sweating as my hands and fingers ran up each side of his rib cage feeling
his tight, sweaty muscles as he continued to pump my mouth. My hands found
their way back to Carl’s ass that was just out of the water and I massaged
his butt making sure a finger tickled his hole now and then. I reached
below his hole and like the time on the couch I started forcefully rubbing
his perineum and asshole with the side of my palm, back and forth feeling
the steaming heat coming from this extremely horny boy.

Carl started to grunt and I knew he was close so I sucked him as hard as I
could and rubbed between his legs with one hand and played with his chest
and one of his nipples with the other. Carl could not contain himself any
longer and he let out a loud yell while hot 13 year old sperm fired out of
his pulsating cock and into my mouth. I continued to suck while Carl fucked
and deposited five loads of pubescent seed. I could feel his asshole
tightening while he was shooting. His cum was just as tasty as his penis
and balls. Carl collapsed on top me and slowly pulled his cock from my
mouth. I grabbed it and put it back inside my mouth giving one last suck
from the base of his penis to the head getting the very last drop of Carl’s
boy juice.

Fuck. My. Life.

Just like last time Carl and I didn’t talk about what happened. He just
giggled and acted like nothing had happened. My rock hard dick was still
sticking up and Carl saw this when he stood up. Instinctively he knelt
beside me on the sand and gripped my thick cock and started to stroke
it. Carl had to add a second hand to get a good grip. I had never been
touched like this in my life and I could feel the cum rising up from my
balls any second. I finally shot a ton of sperm with the first shot hitting
Carl directly in the face. I laughed throughout my orgasm as cum flooded
out of my penis and all over Carl’s hands. Carl looked so sexy with his
Sheriff’s hat on and nothing else and my cum dripping off his nose and
lips. He wiped it off with his arm, but not before tonguing a little bit of
my load from his lips.

With both of us naked we hung our clothes up on the tree to let them
dry. In the hot sun it would only take an hour or so. We decided to go back
in the water and play around some more. Carl told me more about what had
happened to his family and how he and a friend got separated from everybody
after a raid on the prison facility they were staying at. For several weeks
it was just him and his 11-year old friend Bryce wandering the wilderness
living off the little food they took from the prison and anything they
found along the way. Carl started to sob thinking of Bryce and I gave him a
hug while we both stood face to face in the water

Who the fuck is Bryce?

I suggested we take a break and we went on the sandy river bank and lay
down in the hot sun. Carl shifted closer to me and pulled my arm around him
so I was cuddling him. He quickly drifted off to sleep and I watched the
little hunter boy breathe while I ran my hands slowly on his back and
shoulders, through his drying hair and even caressing his ears. I guess I
needed the sleep too because after a few minutes and being in complete
bliss with Carl laying naked and asleep in my arms, I was out as well.

Yeah, I mean, Zombies aren’t something to be worried about.

I had a nightmare about walkers coming and dragging Carl away from me. They
took him from my house and I was powerless to stop them. I chased them down
in the darkness but there were too many of them. All of a sudden a bright
light burst from Carl’s naked body shattering all of the rotting bodies of
the walkers into oblivion. A warmth came over me as a laminated Carl
floated in my arms. I felt so warm.



I opened my eyes and felt a wetness around my dick. It was Carl looking up
at me from between my legs with my dick in his mouth, him bobbing up and
down trying to get as much of my thick penis in his mouth as possible. I
smiled and moaned while Carl gave me my first blow job. Seeing the naked
boy looking so small between my legs doing things that would surely get me
arrested or even killed in normal times was making me even hotter as I
flexed my cock muscles making my cock the hardest its ever been. I told
Carl to swing around which he did so I was facing his beautiful balls and
exposed asshole. I grabbed his semi hard cock and jacked him to full
hardness while I used my other hand to rub the spongy white ass in front of
me, spreading open the boy’s ass so I could see the full expanse of his
teenage hole. Carl was getting me close and I wanted to taste his freshly
cleaned back door do I let go of his throbbing cock and used both hands to
pull apart his ass and plunged my mouth right in between his cheeks licking
and sucking the tiny pucker. Carl stopped his sucking for a few minutes
while he adjusted to the new sensation of having his asshole licked. He
tasted great and the sweat coming from his body made eating his asshole
like eating a warm peach. My face was covered in his sweat and juices as I
tongued around his hole and occasionally licked his hairless balls. We were
now both moaning and I was a few seconds away from cumming so I grabbed
Carl’s cock and started jacking the nearly 5-inch penis furiously. Carl was
really doing a number on my cock getting more than half in his mouth when I
started fucking his face. I shot my cum into his sucking mouth which Carl
began to swallow. At the same time Carl’s dick pulsated and shot a thin
stream of boy sperm onto my chest while my tongue felt his asshole
quiver. We both expended our seed and Carl collapsed on me with his legs
spread on each side of my face. I gave his asshole and balls another few
licks and nibbles as I couldn’t get enough of this delicious boy’s ass.

I guess 100 words was just too much to go without the pedo-rape.

We finally calmed down and went back in the water for a final rinse before
putting on our dry clean clothes. It was about 3 in the afternoon and we
decided to go look for Carl’s bag. We found the spot where he had dropped
it, but it was nowhere to be found. Eventually we found the bag about a
quarter mile from where he had left it. Carl looked inside and found his
clothes, but all of the food was missing except for some granola bars. This
gave Carl some hope that his friend was still alive as the pudding cups
they both loved so much were missing.

All of a sudden there was a rustling in the trees and a half dozen walkers
started to emerge. Carl and I both got our weapons and started to peg off
the six or seven walkers one at a time. More walkers came from the forest
and we started to run back to the compound. Carl ran directly into one that
grabbed him and I clubbed the walker in the head with the butt of my
rifle. Another one grabbed me from behind and bit me hard on my
shoulder. Carl got up and blasted him away and we ran into the clearing
near my compound. We fought off a few more walkers until there were none
left. I could see smoke coming from inside the compound and told Carl to
hurry up and get inside. I climbed the tree to the rope swing and looked
down at Carl. He was standing below the tree with tears in his eyes and his
pistol pointed straight at me. He was going to kill me because I had been
infected by one of the walkers.

Kill him. Kill him. Kill him.

I put my hands up and told him I wasn’t infected. I was immune. Still
sobbing Carl went to squeeze the trigger, but then lowered his gun and
asked me what I meant. I told him I had developed immunity through an
anti-virus I had been working on before leaving the military. I said I
would tell him more but we had to get inside and deal with the smoke.

Fuck. You.

We swung across onto the second floor and I could see smoke coming up from
the first floor. I ran downstairs and saw my makeshift hospital on fire. I
ran inside and stomped out some of the flames and used an extinguisher to
douse the fire. I coughed on the smoke and retreated upstairs to fresh
air. After the smoke cleared I went back down and saw the damage. Someone
had got inside and raided my medical supplies. Mostly my needles and other
supplies. I figured it was tweekers because they left my weapons and other
things like food and alcohol alone


I cleaned out my wounds and asked Carl if he was okay. He was sitting there
on the couch looking dejected and I told him all about my experiments and
how the anti-virus worked. I assured him I was going to be okay and wasn’t
going to leave him. I gave Carl a hug and he melted in my arms. He was
worried about his friend Bryce who may still be alive. He wanted to go out
there and find him, but I told Carl it was too dangerous not only were
there walkers out there, but also some normals had found this place. We
would have to relocate I told him and he wasn’t to go outside until I
thought it was safe.

I like how Carl’s just like “Yeah, no, he says he’s immune and even though every experience I’ve ever had should tell me that that is full of shit, I think I’ll believe him!”

Carl asked about my immunity and wondered if he could become immune. I told
him I didn’t have any of the anti-virus left and even if I did I couldn’t
give it to him because my needles were all gone. If I did I could give him
a blood transfusion. I had some blood typing supplies left and tested
Carl. We were not blood type compatible so I couldn’t give him my blood
anyways � he would just reject the anti-virus. There was one other way,
I told him, but he might not like it.

It’s sex, isn’t it?

I could transmit the anti-virus to Carl sexually � through my sperm. He
looked at me quizzically. I could give him the virus through the porous
membranes in his rectum and lower intestines. He looked a little grossed
out. It was the only way. In spite of Carl’s natural inclination to do
sexual things with me he was still too young to understand that guys could
fuck eachother in the ass � this kind of shared knowledge did not make
its way to Carl before the apocalypse. I explained to him that some guys
did that and that because the virus died upon contact with oxygen the only
way I could give him the anti-virus was to shoot my sperm into his
bum. Carl wasn’t sure. He had a naturally tight asshole, I could tell from
our earlier session on the sand when I was eating him out, his hole would
not give way. I told him if he was immune we could go out looking for Bryce
with much less fear



Carl said he would do whatever it took even though he was quite unsure how
I was going to fuck his little ass. After we tidied up the house I grabbed
the stretcher bed out of the burned out ER and covered it with a blanket. I
lowered the bed and Carl undressed in front of me. I could tell he was very
nervous, but I couldn’t help licking my lips as I was about to fuck the
cute teen.

No. Just fucking no. This is not how this would ever fucking work, and even as an excuse for shitty smut, IT’S STILL FUCKING STUPID. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING SHIT. KILL YOURSELF SO YOU CAN NEVER PROCREATE.

Carl climbed up onto the bed, his soft dick hanging down over his hairless
balls. I had some lube so I coated my dick and tried to rub some into his
hole which was incredibly tight. I told Carl to relax and was able to
penetrate his hairless anus with a knuckle, but then he quickly pulled
away. We tried several times but Carl was just too sensitive and afraid for
us to continue. I rubbed my cock up and down his slickened ass crack a few
times and I too thought how in the hell was I going to fit inside this
boy’s ass?

I flipped Carl over and told him we would have to think of something else,
but in the mean time I was going to suck some cum out of him. Carl giggled
and spread his legs out wide, his penis hardening to its full size in no
time. Carl put his arms behind his head and I saw his hairless pits as I
ran my hands across his smooth chest and down the sides of his body while
leaning forward and engulfing his hard cock. I sucked him fast and furious,
Carl yelling out and humping my face, his balls slapping against my
chin. In a matter of two minutes he fired another generous load into my
mouth which I happily swallowed. Carl relaxed and let his legs dangle over
both sides of the stretcher, his cock still rock hard and still oozing in
cum. He played with my hard dick with his feet and tried to jack me off
with them. He laughed as I tickled his feet and massaged his thighs. I told
Carl to hold his legs back which he did and his asshole was exposed to
me. I gave my dick and few pumps and shot sperm all over Carl’s hard cock
and tight hole. Carl rubbed my cum all around his balls and hole trying to
get some inside, but it was no use.


That night Carl slept with me and we kissed each other on the mouth for
hours talking about life before and after the apocalypse. He told me about
his family and I told him about my life in the army. He managed to get my
secret out that I loved boys his age, something I had never told anyone
before. He said he was very lucky to have literally run into me. I could
tell Carl had been hardened by the realities of the apocalypse, but there
was still a very na�ve and innocent quality to him that I just
adored. He knew so little of the world and I was happy to teach him between
kisses and penis gropes.

The next day I went out to my shed to gather some supplies. I surprised
Carl by presenting him with three wooden penis shaped rods that were all
eight inches long with a flared end resembling a penis head slowly growing
thicker up the shaft. They were different sizes, the first going from half
and inch at the head to a full inch at the base, the second one starting at
one inch and going to two inches in diameter, and the last one starting at
two and ending at three. I coated all the rods in a lacquer making them
very smooth. I told Carl we could train his asshole to accept my penis and
get the anti-virus he desperately wanted.

Okay, even if this was how this worked, WHICH IT’S FUCKING NOT, you shouldn’t put wood in your ass. Splinters up there are incredibly unpleasant.

Watching Carl undress was really a sexy experience. When Carl was dressed
with his Sheriff’s hat, t-shirt and long sleeve cowboy-style shirt and
denim pants he looked like a rough and tumble street-wise teen of about 14
or 15, but when he stripped down naked you could really see the developing
thirteen year old he was. It was like two different people. I loved them
both and told Carl to keep the hat on while we trained his young anus

Huh. So the pedophile also has a cowboy fetish. Nice to know.

Carl hopped up on the stretcher and lay face down with his butt propped up
on a pillow. I told Carl I was going to strap his legs to the side of the
stretcher so he couldn’t jerk away, but that I wouldn’t hurt him and I
would stop if he said so. Carl nodded and took a deep breath as I first
eyed the prone teenage with his hairless body and smooth ass turned upwards
just waiting to get invaded by the wooded rod.

I lubed up the rod and coated Carl’s pucker gently prodding at his back
door until I could get a bit of my finger inside him, just enough to coat
his ring. I told Carl to get ready and that it would hurt a little bit, but
not to fight it � I will go slow. I took the small rod and pressed the
simulated cock head between Carl’s ass cheeks. I rubbed it softly up and
down his crack getting him used to the feeling. I even rolled the rod
between his balls and up against his semi hard penis to get him more
excited. Finally I moved the rod to Carl’s hole and pressed forward. At
first his anus would not let the wooden dildo in, but with a little gentle
prodding his anus opened up and let the wooden head slip inside. Carl
lurched forward, but was restrained and couldn’t move away. I told him he
was a good boy and let him get used to the rod in his butt.

“I told him he was a good boy and let him get used to the rod in his butt.”

I started to rotate the rod to stimulate his ring to which Carl half-moaned
in enjoyment. While continuing to rotate the half-inch wide dildo I started
pressing deeper into Carl’s rectum. He was taking it fine and even allowed
a few inches of the widening dildo in before it stretched his hole to the
three-quarter inch mark. He asked me to stop for a second. Once he said
`okay’ I started to fuck his ass with the first half of the rod. Carl was
getting used to the intruder and I used my other hand to softly massage his
balls and stroke his penis with my slippery fingers. Every few thrusts into
Carl’s hairless asshole I would push a little more of the rod in until it
hit something inside Carl that caused him to jerk uncontrollably and start
cumming all over the pillow. I let go of the rod that had only an inch or
two sticking out of his rectum as he thrashed around from his first anal
orgasm. After he calmed down I let the rod slip out of his ass and used my
fingers to massage around his hole which was still open a little bit. I
undid his restraints.

Fuck. My. Life.

Carl’s face was red and he turned over showing me his cum covered cock and
pubic hairs. I gave his cock a good licking to get as much of his boy sperm
off as I could. I asked him how it was and he said it was painful at first,
but he got used to it. He asked how much was inside of him so I showed him
that he had three quarters of the fake cock in his immature ass.

We worked on expanding Carl’s with the first rod all day until his little
hole couldn’t take it anymore. Carl was now getting the full one inch width
of the rod in his hole and even started fucking himself with it so he could
get the whole eight inches inside. I had to keep his legs restrained as the
wooden dildo had no give to it and could hurt his insides if he thrashed
around too much. By the end of the day Carl had cum five times and was

Has the author ever even had sex?

The next day we started on the second rod, but had trouble getting the one
inch wide knob past his entrance. I used my fingers to pry him open and
surprisingly he gave little resistance to one then two of my fingers. I
shoved two of my fingers deep into his red hot ass and told Carl if he
could take both my fingers then he could take the rod. My words and anal
massaging eventually allowed Carl to accept the flared head of the fake
penis which stretched his asshole to almost the two inch wide mark as I
forced in as much as I could, even as Carl tried to jerk away. This time I
had him on his back and jerked him off while I plunged the rod in and out
of his widening hole. He was screaming out, partly in pain, partly with
enjoyment as I fucked his ass with the two inch dildo until he came causing
his first load of the day to hit him right in the face. We continued
training his young asshole all day until it left his ring distended and
gaping after the rod was removed. At the end of the day I gave his asshole
a good sucking and finally got my tongue up inside the young boy.

Here’s something most people probably don’t know about rimjobs: the tongue is not actually supposed to go inside the anus. If it does, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

Carl slept with me that night and we sucked each other off before drifting
off to sleep. Carl stopped wearing clothes around the house which was fine
with me. His asshole being a little sore we took the third day off and went
back to the river to wash up and slide our cocks against each other while
making out on the sand. He rode my cock letting my penis tickle his asshole
while I fondled his balls and admired his ever-hard teen dick. I couldn’t
believe I was going to fuck this kid and hopefully very soon.

And hopefully, YOU FUCKING DIE.

The next day we got to work early on Carl’s ass, resuming where we left
off. I started the day sucking and licking at Carl’s hairless hole before
plunging the medium sized rod in and out of his ass. While I was fucking
him with the rod Carl grabbed the largest dildo and felt it, wondering how
in the heck he was going to get that inside of him. Carl knew he had to if
he wanted to get the anti-virus and immunity from walker infection that
could only come from my sperm in his rectum.

Even if I accepted this bullshit, couldn’t he just, I don’t know, fucking swallow it. It’s still fucking awful, but at least it’s better than this shit.

When it was time to move to the largest dildo Carl looked really nervous. I
gave him a half of a Viagra pill which would hopefully make his dick more
sensitive and horny, taking his mind off the anal assault he was about to
endure. With Carl strapped in the bed with his ass propped up I got him up
on his elbows as he would need his back straight in order to take the three
inch rod. Carl’s cock was rock hard and he went to jerk himself but I
brushed his hand away and replaced it with mine. I started to milk his
smooth 5-inch penis while I pressed the flared wooden penis head against
his softened anus. I was able to get the head in before Carl cried out. I
started jerking him off as he began to huff and puff while the massive
thick rod invaded his back side. He screamed out in pain as I slid and
twisted the hard, lubed up dildo all the way up into his ass. Carl’s eyes
and mouth were wide open as I left the dildo all the way in him and walked
up to his gaping mouth.
You did it Carl, you have the whole rod up inside and that’s even thicker
than this as I pointed my hard cock as his mouth which he instantly
swallowed. As I fucked the boy’s face I reached across his smooth hot ass
and used my fingers to cause the rod to press against his developing
prostate while we both approached orgasm. Carl fired first as I heard his
cum splatter against the stretcher. I jacked his cumming cock off while I
filled his thirteen year old mouth with my load. His ass naturally expelled
the invading dildo and he collapsed on the bed. I undid his restraints and
picked Carl up. We kissed and I carried the boy to the living room,
tenderly rubbing his gaping asshole before cleaning him up with a sponge.

Why wouldn’t he have just pushed the dildo out sooner then? Also, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH UNCLEAN UNCLEAN!

I let Carl rest for a bit and admired his supple young body. The pale white
skin was in stark contrast to his dark hair. I loved the young sexy boy and
tonight I was going to fuck the kid like I wanted to so many weeks ago.

When Carl awoke we had some dinner and talked about how the anti-virus
worked. I explained that it would take several doses for him to get the
normal amount from a proper transfusion.

Carl told me he loved me and thanked me for being so nice to him. I was
taken aback by his honesty and devotion and gave the naked boy a kiss on
his forehead after brushing away his messy brown hair.


I followed the naked boy to the stretcher and he climbed up on it and
strapped himself in. I lowered the bed so that his asshole was at the
perfect height. His cock and balls were dangling between his smooth legs as
I coated my cock and his anus ring with the lube. I ran my engorged cock up
and down Carl’s tightened asshole before guiding my head to his hole. Carl
took a deep breath as I pushed forward. Carl’s asshole opened up and let
the head of my penis inside. He winced and jerked a little as the softness
of my penis head was followed by the rigidness of my shaft. For the first
time I was inside another person and a thirteen year old boy of all
people. Carl’s insides felt so incredible as both his ass and my dick
became accustomed to the new coupling. Carl was propped up on his elbows as
I slowly fed him my seven inch cock. I had Carl’s hips in my hands and his
anus looked impossibly stretched around my dick which was now halfway in
him. His white ass looked even whiter against my reddened penis as I fully
penetrated the young boy. With Carl’s legs firmly restrained I started
fucking the thirteen year old back and forth watching his anus grip my cock
as I pulled out and back in.

You know, I’ve had people say that these pedo stories are just pedophiles recounting actual events or pedo victims doing the same. But I disagree. This was clearly written by someone who has never even had sex before. Let alone with a underage boy.

It didn’t take long for me to cum inside the boy and I plastered his
insides with as much sperm as I could, as deep as possible inside his
body. It felt so good, but it also felt very clinical. Carl was still soft
and after I was done he put his head in his pillow and didn’t say anything.

We both felt kind of weird from the experience, but I assured Carl that he
got some of the anti-virus but I would need to do this every six hours for
a few days to ensure he got the full dose. Carl half smiled and undid
himself from the stretcher. We slept together but Carl was cold and
distant. I woke him up after six hours and told him it was time for another
dose. The naked boy walked coldly to the stretcher in the next room and
splayed himself open for me. We didn’t say anything � I sensed he was
upset or mad so I just fucked him very clinically until I deposited my load
in his anus

Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that only NOW does Carl become, you know, FUCKING TRAMAUTISED.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and asked Carl what was wrong. He said he
thought I was tricking him into getting fucked with a made up story about
an anti-virus and that I just said that so I could fuck him. I sat Carl
down and told him no, that the anti-virus was true and that transmitting
the anti-virus sexually was a very real thing although no one had actually
tried it before. I admitted that I did love him and I did love boys in
general and yes I did want to fuck him from day one so I apologized. He
half bought it, but I could tell something was still a bit off.

Also, only now does it occur to Carl that the strange man in the woods MIGHT be fucking lying. SIR, I DOUBT THE VERISMILITUDE OF YOUR PEDOPHILIC RAPE FIC.

That night I heard a noise outside my house. Carl was not beside me so I
hopped out of bed to find him. His stuff was gone and I noticed the rope
swing had been used. Carl had left me.

I got dressed and armed and leapt down from the compound in search of the
boy. I found him a few hundred feet into the forest lying unconscious on
the ground. He had a bite mark in his neck. I carried him back home and got
him onto the stretcher. He was still unconscious and I knew it was a walker
that had bitten him. Carl did not have enough of the anti-virus to be
immune and I saw some of the signs of him changing including his red eyes
and blotchy skin. After a few hours Carl should have become a full blown
walker, but he hadn’t and just showed a few symptoms of being bitten.

When Carl awoke he was a bit groggy and I asked him what happened. He said
he went to go find Bryce and didn’t believe I was telling the truth about
the anti-virus. I showed him a mirror and proved to him the anti-virus was
real. I told Carl if it wasn’t true he would already be a walker. He agreed
with me and started to cry saying he was sorry for doubting me. I told him
he still needed several more doses and he agreed.

Why the fuck is Carl sorry? Frankly, his reaction is the only logical thing in this story. Well, was. Until now.

Carl stood up, undressed himself and got into position for the fucking. I
gave him a hug and a kiss first before starting to fuck his upturned
ass. It took me about five minutes of fucking the young boy before I
splattered his insides with cum and the anti-virus. I cleaned him up and
told him to get some rest on the couch � I would come get him in a few

Hey, don’t mock. Premature ejaculation is a serious problem that affects thousands of men. But know, that it can be overcome. Heh. Come.

In the middle of the night I felt the covers lift up and naked Carl crawled
into bed with me. He right away went to my cock and starting jacking it. I
asked him what was up and he said he wanted another dose. I told him it
wasn’t time yet, but he said he didn’t care. He loved me and felt really
bad for not believing me. He wanted me to give him a dose right now. I went
to get up and he pushed me back down asking if I could give it to him in my
bed. He leaned down and kissed me hard, his teenage hormones taking over
his pubescent body.

He stood up and pulled the covers off of me. My cock was standing straight
up as Carl crawled on top of me, our penises mashing together as we wrapped
arms around each other rolling around on the bed making out. I felt his
asshole and it was already lubed up. Carl clearly was ready for a fucking
and this was going to be different � not a clinical procedure but actual
man-boy sex.


Carl’s 5-inch dick was rock hard as I told him to climb on top of me so he
could control our first real fucking. He gave me an impish smile before
straddling my cock. I told him to stop and to go get his hat. He looked at
me puzzled but then went and got it. The naked thirteen year old hunter boy
came back into the room wearing the hat giving the perfect image of a rough
and tumble teen with the softness of a developing curious boy. His long
hair and lightly freckled face was just as hot as the thickened piece of
meat sticking out in front of him.

Carl climbed on top and grabbed my cock, positioning it at his waiting
hole. He let the head pop in past his ring before letting my whole shaft
slide up inside him. I could feel his balls touching my body and his butt
cheeks flatten against my thighs. I flexed my penis that was deep inside
the hairless asshole and gripped his boy buns and helped Carl start to fuck
up and down my shaft. Carl’s cock was rock hard and bobbing up and down
with each fucking motion of our bodies. His pisshole was leaking cum and
stared me straight in the eye as we both matched thrusts as we both tried
to get as much of my cock up inside him as possible. I continued pounding
his ass and Carl continued hunching up and down as sweat started to form
making the boy extra slippery in the hot evening air.

Carl’s ass, now fully capable of taking my thick 7-inch member, was
gripping my cock tightly as it stroked his insides. Carl was getting really
into the pounding, but his legs were tiring. I got up off the bed with my
cock still in him and took him to the stretcher where I lay him on his back
with his ass at the exact level as my dick. Carl’s lean hairless legs were
up in the air as I started to fuck him with everything I had. I was
slamming into the thirteen year old’s rectum with so much force Carl’s
precum and sweat was splashing everywhere. His hat had fallen to the ground
as he thrashed about grunting and moaning from the anal assault he was
getting. Carl’s cock stayed rock hard, the heat and sweat from our bodies
giving of a distinct smell of man-boy sex. He started to whimper and we
were both close to exploding. I grabbed Carl’s hips, nearly being able to
touch my hands together across the slim boy’s waist and slammed him on my
pulsating cock as I jizzed forcefully in his ass. I pumped in as deep as I
could to get as much of the anti-virus in him as I could and to send his
developing prostate into overload. I gripped his smooth hard penis and
within five seconds of me jacking him, Carl spewed cum all over his
chest. I quickly pulled out and sucked Carl’s cum from his shooting penis
head. We were both breathing heavily as our orgasms subsided. Carl was weak
from the pounding he took so I carried him back to the bedroom where we
fell asleep intertwined in each other’s bodies, the smell of teen cum
filling my nostrils

Okay. Maybe I’m not “experienced” enough, but I have never known, male or female, ejaculate to SMELL.

For the next few days, I fucked Carl several times. We fucked on the sand
one afternoon as a walker approached us right before I was about to cum in
Carl’s ass. I didn’t want to stop so I swiped at the walker with the
crowbar I brought until I finished cumming in the boy’s rectum. I
disconnected from the hairless asshole and finished the walker off before
heading back to Carl’s body that was leaking cum from his anus and his cock
head. I sucked his hairless cock off until he gave me a load of his boy

Okay. That image kind of made me laugh.

When the week was over I assured Carl his body was now full of the anti
virus. He wanted to continue fucking, but I noticed his asshole was red and
raw so I told him we needed to take a few days off. I told him he could
fuck me and we tried it once, but due to our size difference Carl couldn’t
get very deep inside me so he preferred to fuck my mouth or let me jack him
off multiple times in a row after begging me for half a Viagra.

We knew we had to relocate as the walker visits became more frequent
(probably from them hearing Carl and I shouting together in orgasmic
delight). Carl also wanted to find Bryce so we packed up everything we
could and set out to find the boy, but not before lighting the compound on
fire to draw in any nearby walkers and give us a head start.

Carl was different in the wilderness. He was more man than boy taking his
mission very seriously. I marvelled at how he carried himself and would
occasionally slip my hand down his pants much to his annoyance. It was only
when we took breaks to wash up that we would have a little romp � he was
a horny teenage boy and needed his release. Carl was supremely focused and
wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way of finding his younger
friend, not even me.

“Or the fact that this is the end of the story and it likely never will be updated since the author clearly got his fapping done and lost interest!”


6 responses to “FanFiction Friday: Carl Grimes in “Carl Grimes Gets Lost”

  1. WOWWWWW!!!! That was disturbing on so many levels. I mean I am a fan of Japanese yaoi, but that was just to much. As I read this I kept think if Carl gets back to Rick and the gang, what’s going to happen.

  2. What the fucking hell is wrong with this perverted bastard. I highly doubt that he’s actually “a good pedophile”. I like yaoi, and I like erotic fanfics, if they are well written. But after reading this, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch The Walking Dead without thinking of a disturbed pedophile stalking Carl. This is fucking demented.

  3. This is ridiculous. WHERE IS THE GIRL GAY FANFICTION!?!?
    Actually I don’t mind the gay thing but seriously? Man-boy shouldn’t happen. Boy-boy or man-man should happen. This author really needs to stop doing this weirdness. Urgh.

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