Comic Book Storytelling: Witchblade #175

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling.  This time we will be looking at one of the most well known comic series born of the 1990’s as it reaches a milestone issue, Witchblade #175.


The series tells the story of New York detective Sara Pezzini who becomes the bearer of the ancient magical power glove known as the Witchblade.  It has a sort of oganic living metal look to it and it has a tendency to make its bearers wear ridiculously skimpy outfits while fighting evil and seems to enhance their bust lines.  Over the years I have read Witchblade every once in a while to keep up with the goings on of the Top Cow universe.

Over the years Sara Pezzini has lost and regained ownership of the Witchblade numerous times and it seems it has happened again.  This issue shows her getting it back once more.  Also it seems she has finally learned where the Witchblade came from, for a long time the actual origin of the Witchblade was one of the titles biggest mysteries.  The Witchblade was born from The Angelus and The Darkness, two opposing forces of light and dark, and it exists to keep its parent artifacts in balance.

The issue starts off with Sara in the woods talking to a vision of past Witchblade bearers.  Is there an official chronology of all the Witchblade bearers or do they just make them up as they please?  Sara talks to the past bearers and agrees to bear the Witchblade again.  Then she wakes up from the vision in her bed.  Then she is attacked by a giant Witchblade dog monster, I am not sure if this is supposed to be another vision or something happening for real.  Either way she gets enveloped in Witchblade material and has another vision this time where she confronts the Witchblade itself taking on the form of a guy made of Witchblade matter.  Basically Sara and the Witchblade talk about how much they hate each other but they are stuck with each other.  By the end Sara hatches from a giant Witchblade egg once more wearing one of her signature barely there costumes, by the way this is not the first time Sara has had a vision quest inside a giant Witchblade egg that she then hatched out of at the end.  So it seems that things are okay now between Sara and the Witchblade at least until the next time that they are not.  Oh and at some point Sara went from being a New York City detective to an upstate New York sheriff, so that’s a thing now.

There are also two back up stories.  The first one has a past bearer in Japan fighting a classic Japanese oni.  The oni starts off as a kindly old man before revealing his true form at which point the bearer sheds her kimono to reveal a skimpy Witchblade outfit that gradually turns into samurai armor before she cuts off his head.  We then fast forward to present times with Sara Pezzini arriving at the same location and meeting the same old man.  Earlier the oni made a promise that he always comes back and Sara is there to fulfill the promise that someone will always be there to cut off his head again.  The next short is about Sara’s New York detective partner/boyfriend Patrick Gleason talking about how much it sucks to be partnered with a superhero.  By the end I guess he proves his manliness by getting shot a few times or something.


After reading Witchblade #175 I had a number of questions, all of them concerning the supporting cast.  Where are all of the supporting characters?  I remember Patrick Gleason but he is not in the main story, just the back up.  Are he and Sara still an item or not?  I would guess maybe not what with her leaving New York to be a sheriff but I can’t be sure.  Fortunately there is a column in the back that talks about the very subject of Witchblade’s history and talks about these supporting characters I was wondering about.  Sara’s arch enemy Kenneth Irons, hes dead.  Her old partner Jake, hes also dead.  Sara’s sister Julie Pezzini, shes dead too.  Her sometimes ally but usually nemesis Ian Nottingham, it sounds like he is still alive but who knows what is current status might be.  And whatever happened with Sara’s pregnancy?  I remember she was pregnant and gave up the Witchblade to a new bearer Danielle Baptiste.  So what ever happened to Danielle and the baby?  At some point Sara got the Witchblade back and if I remember right Danielle became the new bearer of The Angelus.  I don’t know if she still has The Angelus but it is probably just as possible that she is dead.  As for Sara’s baby Hope, well it turns out that she had to sacrificed to save the universe and got erased from existence.  So everyone close to Sara Pezzini dies or gets wiped from the universe leaving her forever alone in the world with a powerful and kind of dickish artifact on her arm that she hates.  Witchblade everyone.

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