Life In Plastic: Mini Toy Review: The Infestors (Imperfecz X Ironhaus)


Hey, remember my review of The Mutants from Imperfecz Designs? And if you do, remember the two Infestor Grunts I had received as a bonus? As it turns out, they were a preview of the next awesome thing to come from that studio – the Infestors!


What started in a facility, an offshoot from the genetic experimentatio branch… ordered purged, has been relocated. Work has continued all these long years. The first objective was survival, using varying species of roaches, spliced with spare material from what was to be the “Mutants” in the end. Second objective had military applications. These traits, bred in, are now the keys to their survival. They share the harsh wasteland landscape with the Mutants. Their armies are underground, and numerous!!

Name: Venturo
Class: Exporer
Weapon of Choice: Exo Bio-Skeleton, capablr of withstanding extreme impacts and temperatures, at the cost of manual dexterity.
Strengths: Ability to survive in nearly any atmosphere, durability, universal translation skills.
Weaknesses: Loss of speed and dexterity
Pet Peeves: Bright lights, fart jokes, vanity

Name: Kraagh
Class: Brute
Weapon of Choice: The Atlas Mandible, a sword forged from a mutant, carnivorous beetle that he felled with his bare hands.
Strengths: Brutal savagery, keen hunting and tracking skills, endurance
Weaknesses: The cold, gasses, fire
Pet Peeves: being hungry, lice, flowers



Part of the same universe as the Mutants, Infestors are cockroach-human hybrids that have gained a mind of their own. The release format for these guys is going to be pretty straightforward – two-packs with pieces of a Build-A-Figure (a first for indy mini figures!), a step up from the earlier Grunts but still containing some continuity. Unlike the Grunts, the main figures will have fairly standardized paint jobs, too. So, let’s take a look! Since these guys don’t have any articulation, I won’t be discussing it.



Most indy toys, especially minis, come in little baggies with a header card. Infestors totally outdo that! They come in a blister card worthy of anything you’d find in a store, especially set up to be reusable (the cardboard slides out). Inside the bubble is a black bag filled with plastic confetti, which gives these roaches a creepy, grimy feel right out of the box! But the awesomeness really comes in the back of the card – you get the story, character bios, and even a preview of the Build-A-Figure! Seriously, I can’t believe this. The concept art looks professional, the pseudo “note” format is awesome, the bios are great… this is a new standard for independent toys.



SCULPT: ****

The Infestors are made of a soft, flexible rubber – they actually jiggle a little bit! They are also fairly taller than, say, MUSCLEs, although they do fit in with most mini-figures. Kraagh is the most immediately distinctive of the two due to his massive sword and shield. His sword isn’t actually unrealisticlly gigantic, but its shape and pose seem to give that impression. Th blade is flat, wide, curved, and serrated – just as it ays in his bio, he clearly made it from another creature. Awesome! The rest of his body is farly standard for an Infestor, with a note that he has two tiny extra arms attached to his torso. His shield probably came from the same mutant bug, and it looks like a weapon in its own right – it has a pointed spearhead/leaf shape, with a pretty distinctive pattern of ridges and grains on its surface. Kraagh doesn’t just look like a barbarian, he’s a fully-outfitted warrior!


Venturo actually looks a little more brutish than Kraagh – he is sculpted by Jimmy Rommel, as opposed to Kraagh’s origins with Luke Harris. His armor is lumpy and craggy, matching Rommel’s unique style (while still fitting in with the other Infestors). He also has more of a face, or at least a visible mouth. Venturo’s armor is not messy, don’t get me wrong – the detailing is actually really precise on it, even including some awesome work on his antennae! So while Venturo is smaller than Kraaghor and lacks his huge weapons, he’s got more than enough to keep him unique.


So with that in mind, let’s compare these two guys to the old Grunts. The Infestor Grunts may be currently unavailable (though they might be for sale again at any time), but they are part of the line. Grunts are generic Infestor types – plain cockroaches with a human theme – and they follow the same design ethos as their new brethren. The contrast is quite interesting – their comparative plainnesss compliments the more-complex new Infestors, but also serves as kind of a template. Compare their faces, antennae, and back carapace designs. See what I mean?



PAINT: ****

The Infestors come in the same color – a honey-gold hue with a dark brown wash. The wash not only brings out the details of both sculpts, it also gives them a greasy, grimy look – perfect for sewer-dwelling roach mutants! Kraagh and Venturo are slightly different shades, but still essentially the same.


Again in contrast, the Infestor Grunts were translucent brownish – the shade varied a ton, albeit on purpose. Note how much more detail you can see with the new color scheme!



The Infestors two-pack comes with one accessory – part of Doctor Moxley, the Build-A-Figure! With this set, you get Moxley’s legs. Well, you actually get his crotch. Or disembodied butt, if you look from the other side. But for what it’s worth, it’s an awesome robobutt! Moxley comes in a variety of pearlescent and metallic colors – mine is pearlescent cream – and I am intrigued enough to really want the rest of it. Is Moxley a robot? Cyborg? Mutant? Infestor? Only time will tell!


VALUE: ****

At $30, you pay roughly $15 per Infestor, not counting the oxley piece. That’s really good for this kind of independent figure!



I would be a little careful with Kraagh’s sword and shield – they are flexible, but try not to stress or tear them. Also, some of the Infestors have a tendency to fall over, but it isn’t too bad.



There’s only one place to find these – at Imperfecz!



There are a few people who make indy toys – Luke Harris, Jimmy Rommel, Eric Nilla, Justin Gadze, and many others – who are really outstanding in their fields. The Infestors are proof of this – a fully-developed and realized professional line with its own design scheme, backstory, packaging, and even gimmicks. You could imagine seeing these guys on store shelves somewhere and not bat an eyelash. I can’t wait for more of the line – more roaches, more pieces of Doctor Moxley, and just more Infestory goodness!



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