Life In Plastic: Mini Toy Review: BunnyWITH Miniatures


Hey, did you think that I had already reviewed the weirdest indy miniature toys around? Bahahaha!

Alex Pardee is an artist. He is also insane. This is not a bad thing. One little running gag he does is the comic, “Bunnywith” – BunnyWITH – Based Upon Nearly Nothing, You Will Indulge in These Hares. It’s… puns. You have a rabbit “with” something, like a can of coke, five eyes, a prehensile penis, or chainsaw mandibles. You read that right. Each and every Bunnywith, in its original art… I’ll get to that later. But anyay, the good folks at October Toys sculpted and produced a line of miniatures based on Pardee’s Bunnywith characters. Why? BECAUSE!

The line includes five – Bunnywith, erm… Nothing (normal), Bunnywith Mesmerizing Eye, Bunnywith No Legs, Bunnywith Hammerhead Shark, Bunnywith Siamese Twin, and a special sixth figure, the 2013 SDC exclusive, Bunnywith Affinity For Slave Women – i.e. Jabba the Hutt. I actually won a set of the norals in a contest a little while back, and somehow acquired the Jabba bunny. So… let’s take a look!



If you’ve ever seen anything sold by KidRobot, then you know how these are packaged – sometimes in little blind boxes, sometimes loose and free in the display box! Bunnywith Affinity For Slave Women came in a baggie, but he was a convention exclusive.



SCULPT: ****

There is one big inaccuracy, and I am happy for it: Alex Pardee’s Bunnywiths are all naked. And dangly. These toys? Nooooo. Thankfully, the folks at October Toys have chosen to make these toys without the phallic symbolism. Look, I’ve got one myself, but I don’t waggle it around everywhere I go. ANYWAY… let’s talk about the rabbits, George.


Bunnywith… Um, Nothing.

This… is the normal Bunny. See him? See the Bunny?


Bunnywith Mesmerizing Eye



Bunnywith No Legs

Despite his smile, this one is kinda sad. He’s got some pretty good viscera on display, too.


Bunnywith Hammerhead Shark

It’s a sharkrabbit! RUN!


Bunnywith Siamese Twin

This guy is surprisingly hefty – they are all much taller than, say, MUSCLEs, but this Bunny is huge all around.


Bunnywith Affinity For Slave Women

And finally, the SDCC Exclusive. He’s much larger than the other figures, but still in the same scale. Also, he has a really deep laugh, and someday he is gonna be choked to death by Princess Leia. Or himself in a closet with a necktie.


PAINT: ****

They come in a variety of colors, with a surprising number of pastels! I prefer Flesh because of the MUSCLE connection, and white is cool. Affinity also comes in more colors than the regular miniatures, but they can be hard to find. There are also rarer gold figures, which might be hard to find.



VALUE: ****

Each one costs $2, which is awesome! Affinity is gonna cost more, usually about $15 or so, but there are so few of him that it’s amazing.

These guys are really durable, made of the same material as OMFG figures, so you should be good to go.

Try any art toy shop, or check on-line at places like Rotofugi.


It’s a small line, and probably will never increase – which is too bad, since there are literally hundreds of Bunnywith designs! So what we have is a small, weird, quirky, cute little art toy line. And you know, that’s just fine. Where else are you going to get your hammerhead shark siamese twin mutilated Jabba the Hutt cyclops bunny rabbits?



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