Gobot Review: Rest-Q


This week’s Gobot review covers the Guardian medic, Rest-Q.

Like most of the other Gobots, Rest-Q has an awful name. Not the worst, by far, but not really great either. I suppose you could always have ‘Rest-Q’ as an emergency vehicle of some sort and ‘Ann Blance’ for the ambulance. That’s about the worst I can think of right now.

Either way, Rest-Q transforms into an ambulance and is therefore stuck with being the medic of the group, as is required of all transforming ambulances from the 80s.

As always, click on photos and on the tech specs below for a larger version.

Alt Mode

20140820_212320 20140820_212329

Rest-Q turns into a nifty little roly-poly ambulance. He has clar windows at the front, although the rear and side windows are opaque. He has red crystal lights on the roof (non-functional) and a generic ‘ambulance’ along with a stripe and a caduceus on both sides, indicating it is an American vehicle. The vehicle is pretty heavy due to the large amount of die-cast involved in the production (a common Gobot trait) and is therefore much sturdier than its competitors. There’s a fair bit of detail, including molded rear-view mirrors, detailed headlights and recessed door handles (that even have a small indent for a lock!). Real rubber tyres were the norm (if not the standard) for the era, and they certainly give this little ambulance some charm. He rolls along quite nicely and is quite a bit of fun to play with.

The downside is that he is covered in join lines. His arms are clearly visible, and there is a split down the roof where his legs go. The transformation mechanics require that there are two large cutouts in the rear of the ambulance, which deter strongly from the look.

All in all, I’ve seen better transforming robots, but I’ve also seen rather a lot worse.



The transformation of Rest-Q is what I consider to be the ‘classic’ transformation of most gobots and smaller vehicles. It’s about as simple as you can get. The arms flip out from the sides, leaving the doors as shoulders. The roof of the ambulance folds backwards to become the rather chunky lower legs, and the grille pops up to become the head. There is a slight twist in the hinge of the legs which compresses them together in ambulance mode and separates them for robot mode, which I think is quite cool.

Robot Mode


Robot mode is what you’d expect from a guy who turns into an ambulance. There’s a lot of white there set off with a bit of red and silver. There’s a great big red cross on his chest that is molded as well as a sticker. I would hope that this represents the universal symbol for first aid rather than an awfully convenient place for Renegades to shoot at.

Movement is limited to the arms at the shoulders and the legs at the knee. His hands have holes/slots in them, although there was never a gun provided. Lego and other weapons from action figures around his size tend to work okay, which is kind of odd for a medic, when you think about it.

Proportionally, Rest-Q isn’t too bad. His shoulders are a bit wide, and his lower legs are SUPER chunky. He still has reasonably human-like proportions. I like the way that the emergency lights form his ‘toes’, particularly. His chest indents into little detailed abdominal ‘muscle’ sculpts, and he has what appears to be a belt with a buckle. I would assume it’s some sort of tool belt as it’s not like he’s wearing any pants.

He’s very stable and quite durable, and continues to stand up long after a good shake of the table has toppled his contemporaries.

One of the things I really do find quite ironic is that Rest-Q looks rather a lot more like TV-show Ratchet than the actual Ratchet toy.


Just to be clear, this was G1 Ratchet, which I also have. When compared to the TV show, my 80s childhood felt horribly comfused.

Tech Specs and characterisation

Rest-Q, and all medic-types from this sort of eternal conflict, strikes me as being the guys with the toughest job. Everyone else goes out there and knocks one another silly, or shoots each other, or produces a rust virus, or needs something rebuilt, and the poor old medic is pretty much the only guy on the team that has to put everyone back together again… and again… and again…. Being the only one able to really see the blood and oil, to hear the screams, to decant organic brains back into new metal bodies (Gobots are actually cyborgs, unlike Cybertronians), it all takes its toll. Ratchet might be kind-hearted and pleasant to chat with, but that’s his programming. Rest-Q has no such advantageous retreat.

As a result, I see Rest-Q as being kind of frazzled. Not actually insane; The sort of frazzled you see when a doctor is in his last hour of a 20-hour-long emergency room  shift on a Friday night in a rough part of town, who is then is informed that his replacement won’t be in for another 12 due to a car accident. Rest-Q’s been running on the Gobotronian equivalent of adrenaline, cigarettes, and little white pills non-stop for thousands of years. Just as he goes to relax, the siren goes off and the next batch of wounded are dragged into the ER. For Rest-Q, it’s as if the entire cast of M.A.S.H vanished, and he’s Hawkeye.

So the only thing that I see that’s holding him together is a desire to not let the cause, and Leader-1 down. He keeps on doing what he does, even when he can’t, because there’s nobody else to do it if he wasn’t there. He doesn’t relax. He doesn’t have a night off. He’s on-call, 24 hours a day, and if his bedside manner is a bit rough, that’s because there’s others to attend to. He tries not to sleep because he’s afraid of what he’ll find there. I feel that for this Gobing, if the war ever ended, my bet is that he’d quickly wind up alcoholic and depressed, suicidal, or both. Whatever keeps the nightmares away, in the end.

  • Strength

Rest-Q isn’t the strongest Gobot, but he needs to have the muscle to pull the wounded out of harm’s reach. I’ll give him a (6)

  • Intelligence

Let’s just get this straight: This guy has a complete knowledge of surgery of organic species (his own) as well as the knowledge and skill to merge that species with complex transforming machines in a cybernetic symbiosis. He’s not an idiot. (8)

  • Speed

An ambulance is a quick thing. It’s not a sports car, but I’ve seen ambulance drivers put the foot down with siren roaring and head down suburban streets at speeds that a Porsche wouldn’t dare. Overall, I think he’s fast enough for his job, but by being land-bound (at least in vehicle mode) he can be overhauled by the faster Renegades. (5)

  • Endurance

Rest-Q isn’t about being tough. He’s got nothing to prove to anyone. He can take a few hits, maybe, while he drags the wounded to safety, but he’s not about fighting. For him, endurance is to be able to rebuild a shattered Guardian, then assist him to convalesce, while at the same time rebuilding a half-dozen more. Sleep is a secondary priority in times like this, although I guess there’s times he’s just about dropping on his feet. (7)

  • Rank

A surgeon needs enough rank to tell a wounded warrior “back on your bed, soldier, that’s an order!” but at the same time not enough rank to argue with a superior officer “I need those Gobots back on their feet, Rest-Q… NOW”. (5)

  • Courage

Rest-Q’s the doc. He needs to be brave enough to go out into battle and get the wounded back. Sometimes that takes even more courage than going out there to shoot at the other guys. (7)

  • Firepower

What he makes up for in ability, Rest-Q lacks in firepower. Certainly his surgical lasers are designed precisely for cutting through a Gobot’s armour plated hide, so I think that he’d be able to adequately defend himself if he was in a pinch. For him it’s more about saving lives than ending them, though. (3)

  • Skill

Thousands of years’ practice has not gone to waste on Rest-Q. He’s the surgeon-specialist in just about every discipline you’ve ever heard of, and quite a few you haven’t. (8)


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