Life In Plastic: Housekeeping!

Man, this is kind of a boring post, but it had to be done eventually.

This is what the different kinds of posts mean here at Life In Plastic:

Toy Review: A review of a toy.  Follows a specific numerically-rated format by category, and includes roughly twenty images (sometimes a little more or less)

Deluxe Toy Review: Same as above, but contains closer to thirty images.

Mini Toy Review: Can occasionally contain a truncated category system, and has significantly fewer than twenty images.

Toy Review Followup: Something related to an earlier review that would have been good with said review, but was not included.  Examples would be a playset or small-sized second series.

Obscure Toy Lines You Should Care About: Exactly how it sounds.

My Favorite Toys: I go super-nostalgic

Life in Plastic Special This could b anything. For example, if I use monster toys to teach about mythology.

Toy News Roundup: What used to be a weekly news post, now is only when I bother

3 responses to “Life In Plastic: Housekeeping!

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