Comic Book Storytelling: Marvel Title Updates

We will be taking a look at some of the Marvel titles I am following because that is what I am reading these days. Sorry DC but if you want me back you really need to do better.


So the first story arc of the new Captain Marvel series has finished and now another begins.  The first story had Carol going to outer space.  After the Worldbuilder invasion in Infinity a lot of aliens were left homeless what with their planets being destroyed.  Many of these refugees settled on a new planet and then started getting sick.  Captain Marvel arrives eager to help but fails to bring anything useful to the table at first.  The planets leader points out that they need medical aid not some meddling Earth superhuman.  This is not the first time that Carol Danvers has made a mistake like this where she jumps in ready to do the right thing without thinking about what the right thing to do actually is.  Her greatest flaw is that she sometimes forgets that there are some problems you can’t solve with superpowers and fighting.  It turns out this planet had valuable vibranium deposits and King J-Son of Spartax AKA Starlord’s comic book dad has been mining it illegally and making the locals sick.  In the end Captain Marvel’s ability to smash things comes in handy and she destroys the mine while broadcasting J-Son’s temper tantrum to the galaxy.  And in the most recent issue it turns out Captain Marvel’s pet cat is some kind of rare dangerous alien as Rocket Raccoon claimed a few issues back.  So that’s a thing.



Ms Marvel continues to be an entertaining series.  It looks like Kamala now has an arch enemy in a humanoid bird clone of Thomas Edison.  It is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds but you can’t help but just go with it.  Kamala has now had a team up with Wolverine to fight cyborg sewer alligators and now Lockjaw the Inhuman teleporting dog is hanging out with her.



Brian Woods run on the all lady X-Men book is done and thank god I just could not get into it.  The new team on it have the team going to outer space, there is a lot of that going around the Marvel U lately.  Two issues in I am already liking this story better than anything Wood did and I think it does a slightly better job dealing with the X-Men’s rather dense continuity.



I am still reading All New X-Men on and off again as it suits me.  It seems X-23 is dating Angel now and it is still always a pleasure to see her portrayed as a person instead of a blank faced cipher.  Anyway in the most recent issue they all got sent to the Ultimate Marvel universe where Jean Grey met the Miles Morales Spider-Man and the others are scattered about.

I will be back soon with more comic book storytelling and I will go into more detail about things.

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