Life In Plastic: MINI REVIEW: Infestors Series 3


Well, I’ve done waves 1 and 2, so now it’s time for… THREE!

Infestors were planned for three waves – sort of. The line will continue, but this current set is two waves of two figures, each coming with a Doctor Moxley piece. And now it is finished… so let’s do this!


NAME: Jetsam
CLASS: Aquatic
WEAPON OF CHOICE Sea-Stone Mace Hand, Razor Sharp Teeth
STRENGTHS: Amphibious, able to swim at intense speeds, can survive in fresh water and salt water
WEAKNESSES: High altitudes, surfactants, petroleum products
PET PEEVES: Tourists, dolphins

NAME: Gallows
CLASS: Rogue
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Anything with a blade
STRENGTHS: Resilient, tenacious, fueled by unbridled fury, brilliant ambush predator
WEAKNESSES: Can become fixated on a single target (just check the scalp collection on his bandolier)
PET PEEVES: Escaped quarry, broken weapons


It seems that every set contains one “normal” and one “mutant” Infestor, and this one is no different. Gallows is actually the closest to a basic Infestor Grunt, except that he is tricked out with knives and his bandoliers. His main weapon is kind of like a kali stick or nightstick, only bladed instead of blunt. he also has a dagger on his side. And yes, those scalps are very visible. This isn’t just a guy who will shank you, he’s got some very obvious martial skills! And out of the whole group, Gallows probably works best as a “standard” Infestor, though Oglethorpe also comes pretty close.


Jetsam, on the other hand, is the most non-standard Infestor yet! He is obese, scarred, and has a distinctly non-insectile face. Between the stitches and the teeth, you can really get the idea that he was modified against his will. He doesn’t actually look aquatic, but after reading his bio I can totally see him as a whale or shark. His stone hand matches other “stone” details in the line, and hilariously he appears to be wearing board shorts. I really like the fleshy, Frankensteined feel that Flotsam brings – not out of line with the other Infestors, but absolutely unique to him.


Doctor Moxley has no bio, but this time we actually get him in the flesh! He is surprisingly short, weighing in at half the size of an Infestor. He’s roughly equal to the tiny “kid” MUSCLEs, if that helps. He’s got somewhat of a supervillain/opera thing going on with his outfit, a beaker in one hand, and the most arrogant smirk imaginable on his face!


Moxley fits on top of the Build-A-Figure Mech. As I said last time, the torso piece’s color scheme is awkward to photograph – its sculpting is on par with the lower part. What surprised me is that Moxley doesn’t fit inside the cockpit of his robot, he just rests on top. I would have expected more of a divot, but there is a way to work it so he’s wedged inside that tiny, tiny spot for him. You just have to play with it a bit, but I would have opted for something that at least went up past his feet if I had the option.


Still, Doctor Moxley is awesome for a few reasons. He looks cool, adds another dimension to the Infestors universe, and here’s the kicker – this is a Build-A-figure in an independent mini-figure line! I have never heard of that before! Moxley isn’t just a bonus, he’s a super-duper awesome bonus!


So, what do I think of this set? It’s great. And Moxley? Also great. The Infestors as a whole? This has turned out to look less like an indy line and more like the kind of thing you could see on toy shelves. That is an insanely high compliment.


The only flaws I can think of? Some of the figures might have trouble standing if their feet were not dremeled correctly (but customer service is great), and Doctor Moxley’s robo-torso doesn’t quite seem up to snuff. But those are pretty minor nitpicks, considering how awesome the rest of the thing is. Luke Harris and Jimmy Rommel have outdone themselves with this line, and you need to head on over to Imperfecz Toys and buy yourself a set right now!


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