Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman #11

I have never read Miracleman before the current Marvel Comics reprints. I will be here to give you my impression of them as a first time reader as they continue to be released.


So now begins Book 3 of the Miracleman story.  I do not know how many more of these Books there are for the whole series.  This one starts with a flash-forward of sorts with Miracleman in some kind of huge advanced and ridiculously ornate fortress.  There Miracleman does some incredibly pretentious narrating while looking at a sculpture of Gargunza and writing about his past in a special book with a laser pen.

We get a brief glimpse of Johnny Bates and see that things are not going well for him indicating it is just a matter of time before Kid Miracleman returns.  Mike and Liz talk about how weird it is that their baby already has teeth.  It is clear that baby Winter has powers and is altering her mother’s moods.  Mike goes for a walk and there is a woman in red heels watching.

While Mike is out walking the two aliens disguised as humans show up and try to talk to him.  He panics and turns into Miracleman then the aliens turn into freaky looking alien creatures and the fight begins.  For a moment it looks like Miracleman might be able to win then the aliens transform again, this time into huge turtle-tank things.  The turtle-tanks beat up Miracleman and in the process read his mind and find out about his daughter Winter.  One goes off to investigate.  It turns into some kind of lizard monster and is about to attack Liz when Miraclewoman appears and crushes its throat so it can’t use keywords t transform anymore.

I had heard about Miraclewoman before but I did not know when she would show up.  For some reason I thought it would be later.  Anyway she is here now and we can get into other things that are going on.  At the end of the issue we see Miracleman in the near future again.  His narration continues to be ridiculously pretentious through the whole issue.  And I think that is kind of brilliant.  The author is letting us see from Miracleman’s point of view and thus showing us that he has fallen into a dangerous trap of mythologizing himself.  Mythologizing someone’s life after they die can be a way of honoring them but most often does a disservice to their memory.  But to start mythologizing while that person is still alive and to let them do it themselves, well that can be dangerous in a whole different way.

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