Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman #12

I have never read Miracleman before the current Marvel Comics reprints. I will be here to give you my impression of them as a first time reader as they continue to be released.


I was a little late getting the last Miracleman article up and the next reprint is already out so here is another one.

Once again the issue open with a flash forward to the near future of 1987 in the Miracleman timeline.  The over the top fortress Miracleman lives in is called Olympus and he goes on about being worshiped and gods and it all just goes to show how out of touch with humanity he has become and how dangerously enveloped he is in his own self mythologizing.  It looks like whatever kind of new philosophy he is preaching involves a lot of sexual liberation and maybe even some eugenic breeding.

Anyway back in the present the alien beating up Miracleman senses that its companion has been injured by Miraclewoman and flies off.  Once at the house it pleads for a truce to save its partner and says everything is different now.  So they leave it be so Miraclewoman can explain her origin to Liz and Mike.

The same thing that happened to Mike Moran and the others happened to her, she was kidnapped as a kid and Gargunza used her in his experiments at a secret secondary location separate from the main Project Zarathustra facility.  There he created Miraclewoman, his Miracledog, and Young Nastyman one of their old enemies from the comic book dream world.  With no oversight Miraclewoman and Young Nastyman were subjected to all kinds of psycho-sexual tortures as Gargunza indulged his perversions in an attempt to breed another superhuman.  Of course Gargunza went too far and eventually Young Nastyman woke up and went berserk before escaping and going on a rampage.  The next bit I am not so sure about because apparently Gargunza was still able to keep this a secret and even convinced his superior to let him activate the Miracleman family in the real world to test them.  Anyway they met Miraclewoman and somehow she discovered the secret lab and the truth about what she was.  When she tried to tell Young Nastyman the truth he just went more berserk and ended up being killed in a volcano.  Then Gargunza couldn’t keep it all a secret anymore and the military decided to eliminate the Miracleman family with nuclear weapons and we know how well that turned out for them.  Miraclewoman escaped and went on to live a relatively normal life only occasionally using her powers over the years.

Back in the present more alien beings show up and its none other than the Warpsmiths from those back up stories in the early reprint issues.  So Miracleman and Miraclewoman go off with these strange beings to sort everything out to the dismay of Liz Moran who does not want her husband leaving again.  Elsewhere Johnny Bates is still getting beaten up by other kids and Kid Miracleman is still there in his mind tempting him.

I am not sure how many more issues of this series there are and thus how the rest of the stuff that has to happen is going to get paced out.

5 responses to “Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman #12

  1. Generally I don’t read post on blogs, but I wish to say
    that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do it!

    Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, very nice article.

  2. It all ends in #16. Four more issues of awesome are coming your way! You won’t even have to wait 18 months like I did for no.16 to finally appear in 1988..

    • @magnetic142 I assume you mean that the “original writers” story ends with #16? Or do you mean you didn’t like the Gaiman stuff? Because either way you still have 12 more issues to go before you get to the new stuff….maybe longer if they publish Miracleman: Apocrypha as part of this run

  3. Seven years on…..

    IIRC, the Qys beings also realise that a Human/Qys hybrid has been birthed on Earth (LIz and Mike Moran’s daughter) which means there must be a referall to a wider authority and for combat to cease temporarily. Millenials being subjected to Alan Moore’s writing must be a massive shock to the system. Just like the MCU shills who had no idea Jack Kirby’s original Eternals story/artwork was too rich for their undernourished, watery blood!

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