Comic Book Storytelling: Batgirl Future’s End

DC Comics is doing a bunch of “five years later” one shots as part of the Future’s End event. I have not been paying much attention to the goings on of DC these days but then I heard a rumor and checked out the Batgirl one shot.


The special begins with Batgirl getting married to some guy.  Then her new husband dies in the next few pages and its supposed to be all tragic but when you think about it too much the way I do it becomes kind of stupid.

The wedding gets crashed by Barbara Gordon’s brother.  I was not aware that there was a Gordon brother.  The only place I recall Jim Gordon ever having a son was the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and I always thought that was just because Chris Nolan does not know how to make women important central characters.  Nope the Nolan Bat-verse Jim Gordon can’t have any screen time with a girl, we have to give him a boy.  I actually like the Bat-Nolan movies for the most part but that bit of editing to Bat-lore always seemed weirdly offensive to me.  But anyway in this particular New 52 “what if” tale Batgirl has a brother and he is evil and crazy.  He points a gun at Barbara and tells her husband the only way to save her is for him to jump off the roof to his death.  So her husband immediately without any hesitation jumps off the roof to his death.  That’s right he just married Batgirl and the first chance someone offers him the sweet release of death he takes it as fast as possible.  He doesn’t put himself between them to take a bullet for her or walk slowly to give his superhero wife time to disarm the bad guy, nope death is the only option even though Barbara is able to disarm and beat the hell out of the guy about a minute later.  Sorry if I am coming off nit-picky about this.

Then we get to the Five Years Later and the best thing about this.


The League of Batgirls.

And as rumored those are the Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown Batgirls making their New 52 debut with the addition of Tiffany a 12 year old genius Batgirl.  And what of Barbara Gordon?  Well in this Five Years Later scenario she is calling herself the Black Beast and she has built up a lot of muscle and is wearing a Bane-like mask.  After the death of her husband Batgirl went on an undercover crusade infiltrating the Gotham underworld and taking down all the top villains one by one.  Then she got to Bane.  As he does Bane got in her head and she was not able to take him down.  He gave her some of his venom to make her like him but it turns out she never took it.  She made herself the Black Beast through regular body building.  Anyway in the end she overcomes her issues with Bane and stuff and goes back to being Barbara and has a group hug with the other batgirls.

Okay now lets talk more about those other batgirls.  I always like the Cassandra Cain Batgirl and like many others I was not pleased when DC made her evil then changed her back then erased her from continuity with the New 52.  I was not as a big a fan of Stephanie Brown but I recognize the stupid things DC did to her.  It it great to see them both in action again being awesome.  And this Tiffany Batgirl is okay too, I wonder how much more we will see of her.  In fact I wonder how much more we will see of any of them.  I don’t really understand how this whole Five Years Later event is going to work or how much any of these Future’s End one shots are going to tie into it.  As I said before it feels like an Elseworlds or What If story.  The worst thing DC could do is introduce these extra Batgirls and then do something terrible to them.  I would love to see more of Cassandra and Stephanie but DC has a long history of making bad decision with them.  We will see what happens next.

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