Comic Book Storytelling: Marvel’s Original Sin

Its time to take a look back at Marvel Comics latest crossover event.


Original Sin is basically a murder mystery.   The mystery being “who shot the Watcher?”.

Original Sin cover

Uatu the Watcher is murdered and the Avengers investigate. By the way someone also cut out the Watchers eyeballs. By the end of the second issue we discover one of them was taken by The Orb. The Orb is an old Ghost Rider villain with a giant eyeball head. I am pretty sure I have seen The Orb on lists of lamest villains of all time. Well he is still not a very competent villain but he has gone down a special path of crazy and persuaded some other villains to help him. Those villains being Doctor Midas and his daughter The Exterminatrix. The moment they showed up I was confused. They were characters from the old Marvel Boy mini series that takes place in another universe. So how and when did they get to the regular Marvel U and why are people acting like they have been there all along?

Anyway there is also a secret assortment of other heroes investigating the murder and it turns out Nick Fury gathered them to see which one is worthy to replace him as the secret defender of Earth or “the man on the wall” as Fury says.
The series throws a few red herrings around. At first it looks like the Orb must have killed the Watcher. Then it looks like it might have been Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier but no he was just getting to the bottom of Fury’s shenanigans, although he was being a bit dickish about it at times. In the final issue we get some revelations about what really happened on the moon but not before Nick Fury messes up the Avengers pretty good.


Okay let me explain that better.  It turns out for years Nick Fury has been secretly assassinating monsters that were on their way to Earth, but now the formula that keeps him alive is failing and he needs a replacement.  That replacement ends up being the Winter Soldier because well obviously it was going to be him.  Anyway the Avengers know that Fury knows something about The Watcher’s death.  The Watcher’s eyeballs act like information storage devices.  Early on The Orb uses one to reveal a bunch of different secrets to people in the Marvel U.  Somehow Fury has the other eyeball and in the final issue we find out why and what happened on the moon.


The Orb persuaded Midas to help him rob the Watcher’s vault.  They did attack the Watcher and The Orb did take on of Uatu’s eyes but he did not kill him.  Nick Fury saw what was happening and when he arrived The Watcher was still alive.  Nick Fury tried to get The Watcher to tell him what happened but instead he showed Fury that he knew about all his secret monster assassinating.  The Watcher then made some move that looked like he was getting ready to attack so Nick Fury killed him and took his other eyeball.  It seems that Fury repressed his memory of killing Uatu and is surprised to see the truth.  Then some wierd stuff happens.  The eyeball the Orb has somehow grafts itself onto his chest.  I hope Marvel has a plan for this otherwise it is just a weird random thing to do.  And Nick Fury ends up getting stuck alone on the moon with the other eye.

Fury has now become The Unseen.  He takes the Watcher’s place on the moon but no one will ever know he is there.  I think it is a very fitting end when you consider the real reason Fury killed Uatu.  It was not because the Watcher was attacking.  Uatu forced Nick Fury to look at his own life.  Fury was shown all of his actions and could not stand to face it.  For all of his talk about doing “what needs to be done” deep down Fury knew it was all a load of crap.  Nick Fury and people like him claim they are doing what is best for the world but when it comes down to it no one asked them to.  He decided that he would be judge, jury, and executioner for these secret external threats instead of going to the Avengers or any other authority.  Nick Fury killed the Watcher because he did not want to have to face the truth of his own arrogance.  And now he is doing penance for it.

This was a pretty good self contained event that will have consequences.  The most obvious being Thor losing his worthiness for his hammer and the new Lady Thor taking his place.  I am not sure how this will fit into the larger plans for the Marvel U in the long run.

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