Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman #13

I have never read Miracleman before the current Marvel reprints. I will be sharing my impressions of them here.


Once again this story arc opens with Miracleman in his giant Olympus fortress five years in the future.  He is looking at a fishbowl that contains a race of artificial miniature people.  He does not stop to consider the ethical issues of keeping a tiny civilization in a fishbowl for decoration.  Then he goes up to a garden area where there is a memorial for his Warpsmith friend who will soon become relevant in the main story.  Also the garden is full of alien plants called fleshferns that mimic the parts of peoples bodies like ear, tongues, and lips.  They are really gross.

Anyway back in the present we pick up where things left off with Miracleman and Miraclewoman being teleported to the alien world of the Qys by the Warpsmiths.  The Qys are the body swapping aliens that all the technology that created the Miracleman family came from.  Also the Qys and the Warpsmiths are sworn enemies but the birth of Miracleman’s daughter Winter is a big enough event for them to call a truce to discuss the situation.  The Qys are ruled by a kingqueen that is some kind of giant fish blob creature that by their standards has achieved the perfect form.  They go before the kingqueen and report about what happened on Earth including their false assessment that Kid Miracleman is no threat.  Johnny Bates is still having a crappy time at the hospital and Kid Miracleman is still there in his subconscious tempting him to let his powers loose.

It turns out that the Qys and Warpsmith leaders are tired of being at war with each other so Miraclewoman suggests that they “have sex” or basically just try to do the opposite of the way that have been interacting before.  Everyone seems receptive to the idea and soon the Miracle-folks are sent home.  Miracleman finds Liz sitting on the couch and tries to tell her about what happened but it does not go over well.  Liz has finally reached the point where she can’t take anymore of the horror and weirdness and needs some time away.  She also figured out that baby Winter is altering her moods with her powers.  Mike is left alone and then the baby starts talking to him from her crib.  I am guessing that her accelerated aging has taken her to the next step but we don’t actually get to see how she has changed in this issue.

On the final page Miracleman does some foreshadowing in the future about Liz and Winter being gone and his Warpsmith pal being dead.  Also there is a bit about the fleshferns lips falling down on people and all I can think about is that those little bits of flesh are going to start decomposing once they hit the ground.  That is going to be disgusting.

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