Comic Book Storytelling: The New Thor

Marvel Comics has a new Thor, and this new Thor is a lady.


Towards the end of the recent Original Sin event Nick Fury fought the Avengers on the moon.  Nick Fury won.  During the fight he whispered something into Thor’s ear and after hearing it he could no longer lift his hammer Mjolnir.  It was not revealed what Nick Fury said to Thor.

This new Thor #1 picks up not long after that.  Thor is still on the moon and he still can’t lift Mjolnir.  Some other Asgardians see what is going on and Thor’s mother and father argue over what is to be done next and even Odin can’t lift the hammer.  But them some undersea base  on Earth is attacked by Frost Giants and Malekith the Accursed.  Thor goes to fight them without his hammer and gets his but kicked because without Mjolnir his heart is just not in it.  Thor also gets his arm torn off, so that’s a thing that happened.  Back on the moon some unseen individual lifts up Thor’s hammer and the inscription on it changes from He to She and we get our first in comic look at the new woman Thor.


In the second issue we get to see the new Thor in action.  When she is talking out loud she sounds like an Asgardian but her inner thoughts read like a regular Earth person.  This suggests that she is not herself originally from Asgard.  I suspect Thor’s mother Frigga had something to do with arranging this match between Mjolnir and the new Thor based on some stuff she said in the first issue.  Anyway we see new Thor get used to using her new powers and she flies to Earth and finds the Avengers are all frozen then she beats the crap out of the frost giants.  The base they attacked is a Roxxon facility.  Roxxon is one of the more evil corporations of the Marvel U but I can’t remember much else about them.  The Roxxon CEO Dario Agger is there and apparently he is an “occasional minotaur” whatever that means.  I am not familiar with him.  But the new Thor seems to recognize him as a bad guy.  At the end of the issue new Thor is separated from Mjolnir and has to face the frost giants without it and we still don’t know what Malekith is up to.

I hope they don’t stretch out the mystery of who this new Thor is for too long.  I mean Marvel must know who she is, they wouldn’t gender swap one of their major franchise characters without thinking it through would they.  They are not DC.

There is one other thing that I need to address about this new character.


What is up with her costume?  Come on just look at it.  She has this cool looking metal helmet and a matching armor chest-piece but then for some reason she is not wearing any other armor.  Below her chest she is wearing mostly skintight black hero costume material which is okay although I wonder what is up with the little bit of bare skin in the front middle.  And then she is wearing this leather waist-piece with a long leather loin cloth thing.  Why isn’t the waist-piece also armor to match the chest and helmet.  Why is she wearing one armor glove and not two?  Why are there bandages around her shins?  Why does she have such a long loin cloth piece that she might trip over?

I am sorry but this costume just looks weird to me.  Its like they were designing one costume then halfway through the process started designing a completely different costume but refused to give up any part of either.  Am I the only person who feels this way?

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