Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Arrow (Masters of the Universe Classics)


Note: I apologize for the uncharacteristically low photo quality. I moved recently, and can no longer access my usual “outdoor” spot. I had intended to take Arrow up to Mt. Diablo or someplace similar, but it has rained all week.

I have a personal belief that loving horses is genetically programmed into little girls. It transcends culture and tradition. And, in fact, societies that barred women from horseback riding have all become extinct. Is it any wonder why?

Arrow is one of the pretty ponies in She-Ra: Princess of Power. Essentially (almost) a repaint of Swiftwind, She-Ra’s flying pegasus, Arrow is instead a horse belonging to Bow, a masculine guy with a pencil moustache and a heart on his shirt whose best friend is a floating pink owl and who hangs around a bunch of ladies without ever expressing interest in any of them.


Loyal steed of Etherian Bowman Kyle Reccula, Arrow was trained from birth to soar into battle at a moment’s notice. Serving Bow with utmost loyalty, Arrow carries not only his master but several quivers full of magical arrows, each with their own unique properties. He carried Bow into many great battles both on Etheria and later on Eternia after several members of the Great Rebellion followed Hordak through the Laser Gate to aid the Masters of the Universe. During the Second Ultimate Battleground Arrow saved the lives of many heroic warriors with his swift moves through the air and on the ground.


Hilariously, Arrow in the cartoon was a regular, non-winged horse. He was also orange for some reason.  Maybe it’s for the best that this guy has normal coloration…




Arrow’s packaging is essentially the same as Battle Lion’s. It’s a really good open box, which shows off the figure well and protects it. Instead of twisty-ties, it is actually secured with a paper rope, which is creative.



SCULPT: ****

Arrow is… a horse. Seriously. As far as I am concerned, he looks fine. He is suitably horsey, with all the right musculature and veins, and his squipment looks like the material it is meant to be made from. His wings arenlt 100% realistic, but they match other wings in this line. I relaly have no complaints about arrow’s sculpting.



PAINT: ****

Arrow is a chestnut horse, which is a marked difference from his vintage toy (blue) and his cartoon appearance (orange). Let’s be honest here, that’s for the best His mane and tail have obviously been dyed orange, however, and his bridle and saddle feature a lot of pink. Oh, Bow, stop trying to hide it. Arrow has some rainbow-ish colors on his wings, which actually makes him blend in a little bit with the Sorceress. His paint is pretty good all around, though there is nothing complex about it.




Arrow has hinged hips, knees, ankles, and head, a ball-jointed neck, swivel tail, and ball-and-socket wings. You can’t expect much more because he is a horse. It’s actually pretty good for that – he can trot, prance, rear up, and generally do horse things.




Arrow really only comes with his saddle, tack, and wings. The bridle and such cannot be removed, though his saddle can. You can fit a character on it easily, and it even includes oddly-fitted stirrups. The wings snap into holes in Arrow’s torso which are usually hidden beneath fake fabric patches. The patches are hard to get out, and it feel slike breaking the toy, but it is what you are supposed to do. Since you can’t take off his bridle, Arrow might as well keep the saddle on, too. He does not really have accessories when you come to think of it. He doesn’t even come with that quiver mentioned in his bio.



VALUE: ***1/2

Arrow costs about $40, which (unlike most MOTUC) is roughly in line with what a big toy goes for in stores.




Arrow is actually pretty solid, so I have no complaints.




Stuff sells out from Matty early and often, so you might as well just go looking on BBTS.




This figure is not my personal cup of tea… well, eait. I would love Raoh’s horse from Fist of the North Star, but all figures of that guy are crazy-expensive. In fact, let me be honest. If Raoh’s horse were made to these standards, I would love it. Okay, then. Arrow is a good toy.


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