Life In Plastic: MINI TOY REVIEW: Funko ReAction


Hey, everybody! Remember when I reviewed the ReAction Alien? Well, Funko didn’t stop after releasing those previously-unseen prototypes. They have actually worked the retro-’70s Kenner motif into a gigantic line of toys encompassing everything from Predator to Firefly! Lots of charcaters have received toys for the first (affordable) time, such as Snake Plissken or the Rocketeer, but… well, I haven’t reviewed them very much. The line counts a lot on nostalgia, and I have litle nostalgia for them. HOWEVER… two figures recently stood out to me.

All FunKo ReAction figures have a basic five points of articulation. All of them. You know what to expect.


The Creature from the Black Lagoon triggered my nostalgia sense. Remember the Remco Creature? That’s what we’re looking at here, and thus our basis for comparison. Though mine is long gone, I have memories and photos.


The new ReAction figure is pretty similar to the Remco design, though obviously not exact. His chest is a little flatter than I would like, though his head is way better. In-hand, he does solve my nostalgia wants, though, which makes this a good toy. Someday, I need to retrieve one of the originals for comparison… but yes, this figure was just fine and dandy in-hand.


From FunKo’s Nightmare Before Christmas ReAction line, I snagged the Mayor. Why? Because he deserves it, that’s why! Due to the design of the dolls in the movie, the Mayor actually looks pretty much perfect.


Aside from his awesome double-faced design, the Mayor comes with a megaphone and his rolled-up porclamation. He can hold both, though the megaphone will always be a little awkward. His articulation also has a flaw, or at least mine does – one leg is stuck. This may not be a common issue, though.


Overall, here’s the thing. These toys are not for everybody. They have a very specific vibe to them, and when divorced from, say, “these were made from real prototypes” or “this property wa hot back in the late ’70s/early 80s,” it can get a little hairy. The Predator, for example, does not even resemble the toy concept art. But when a ReAction figure is good, it is excellent. And the two I picked up here are more than worth the time and money, and I might just look up some others in the near future!

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