Life In Plastic: Egyptian Gods (Demon’s Chronicle)


You know, way back when, I mentioned that the Demon’s Chronicle toyline had figures based on Egyptian mythology, but at the time I had none to show for it. Well, there are over twenty of them, but I have managed to acquire… nine. These come from waves five and nine, and are really surprising in how well-made they are. So, why not take a look? We’ll start with the ever-obscure Bes, and wrap up with Anubis!



Bes is one of the most common and ubiquitous ancient Egyptian gods, although he has fallen into obscurity in recent times. There used to be Bes idols inside almost every home, present when women gave birth, and even tattooed on performers Bes is a protector of the innocent and promoter of justice, who apparently takes great pains to rescue and amuse children. He is somewhat lionlike, if you squint just the right way at his comical appearance. He is even portrayed differenly from other deities, always shown facing forward rather than in profile.



A goddess of war and of healing, it is said that Sekhmet’s breath formed the desert. She is the true protector of the Pharaohs. Along with Ra and Horus, she is another sun deity. It’s weird and drives me insane how many people think that Sekhmet is a masculine name.



The son of Osiris after his death, Horus is a god of the sun and an overseer of the Pharaohs. A true Pharaoh actually embodies part of Horus’s spirit. he also has a massive rivalry with Set, and their battles were… different than what you would expect from most gods. Rather than clashing in the heavens with their celestial might, Horus and Set kept trying to rape each other. Horus won when he fooled Set into thinking that he had won the rape-contest, only to steal Set’s semen and sneak it into Set’s food and I am seriously not making this up. Egyptian gods are total pervs.



Set is an evil god who brings storms, murdered Osiris, and has fought Horus since who knows when. But he also protects parts of Egypt, and thus serves his purpose, as bloodthirsty as he may be. Believe it or not, nobody is quite sure what animal he is meant to be, whether it is a wolf, an aardvark, or something else.



Supposedly, Thoth sprang fully-formed from Set’s forehead, much like Athena from Zeus. He, along with his wife Ma’at, stands and flanks Ra’s boat. He also develops science and magic, and holds the entire universe together.



Sobek rules over the Nile, the sun, fertility, military strength, and even the pharaoh’s authority. He is a savage, passionate monster, killing and mating when and where he pleases. Sacred Egyptian texts even record that Sobek will urinate wherever he wants at any time. I am not making this up. A major part of Sobek’s character is that he pees on things.



Wadjet, the Snake Goddess, is the protector of the whole of Lower Egypt. She is the primal Snake, and a fierce warrior. She is the source of the snake on Pharaoh’s headdress, and even though she is often ignored in modern times, Wadjet was a very prominent goddess both before and after Egypt’s unification.



The god of the sun, Ra created all things by speaking their secret names. One day Ra wept, and from his tears came mankind. Ra is really the closest thing to the top god in the Egyptian pantheon, even though he got kicked around and usurped more than once depending on the individual pharaoh ideals.



Anubis is the famous god of death, and thus tended to stay out of al the fighting, murdering, semen-flinging insanity that the rest of the gods got into. Instead, he judged the dead… or let Osiris judge the dead. Anubis wasn’t really the type to make a fuss, so he let Anubis take over his duties fairly often.

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  6. Great review. 🙂 I love these sets, managed to snag an almost complete (missing the Sphinx) series V. from an Indonezian guy recently. Weird how series IX, which you’d assume to be more common since it is a later set, eludes me ever since…
    I love how faithful these are to the old depictions. Bastet even has a Sistrum, and Thoth is shown being born by bursting out of Set’s forehead, like some obscure myths say he did. Though, Ra is the best IMHO, his throne is incredibly detailed.

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  8. There’s actually a true document claim about a guy who was getting terroized by Sobek and possessed by him.i didn’t get too interested in ancient Egyptian gods till I saw can see it on Utube.its on the show a Haunting,curse of the mummy.

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