Comic Book Storytelling: Red Sonja The Black Tower #3

I was going to wait until this series was done to talk about it more but something happened in the most recent issue that I have to talk about.


This series began with the claim that it was the tale of how Red Sonja died and of course I thought that was dumb because it usually is.

At the end of the previous issue it was revealed that the Black Tower contains an army of extra dimensional invading robots.  The robots have gone forth and conquered the lands of the Hyborian Age all the while saying ‘Hail Thraxis’.  The sisterhood of the black tower becomes the sisterhood of Thraxis and once again I think it was a waste of a potentially good villain to kill off the sisterhood’s founder.  Fengar the Swordless gets caught by the robot soldiers and executed in a machine that makes him explode, so we are rid of that guy.  But overall things are not looking good for this world of swords and sorcery.

Then Red Sonja shows up riding a dragon and with an army following her ready to take on the forces of the Black Tower.  And for some reason Red Sonja’s hair is turning white.  I think they are trying to show that Red Sonja is getting older and this invasion has been going on for years but it just looks kind of ridiculous.  They have given no indication of how long any of this has been going on.  For all we know its only been two weeks since the Black Tower first appeared so giving Red Sonja some white hair just seems kind of random.  Its almost as random as her eye-patch which has still never been explained, and by the way it is covering the wrong eye on the cover.  Seriously the cover artist and the interior artist drew Red Sonja’s inexplicable eye-patch covering different eyes.

Anyway Red Sonja and her forces put up a fight but end up losing and Red Sonja is brought before a purple robot guy who I’m guessing is supposed to be Thraxis.  Thraxis then kills Red Sonja.  That is right, this series actually followed through and killed Red Sonja.  I was not expecting that.  I mean he actually cuts off her head and the final page of the issue shows him holding her severed head over her headless body.  Okay so someone had the balls to say Red Sonja was going to die and actually do it.  So what now?  This was not the last issue of the series.  If Red Sonja is dead what happens next.  I suppose they could have a new Red Sonja show up and be related to the original, I think they have pulled that trick before.  Or there could be some parallel universe and/or time travel shenanigans about to go down.  I guess we will find out.

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