Life In Plastic: MINI TOY REVIEW: Samus Aran (Nintendo Amiibo)


Many many years ago, Metroid was a new game on the NES, and Li’l Riddy played it. Oh, did I ever! Sure, my big sister beat the game before I did, but I really loved Metroid. The only thing missing was a good Samus toy! I continued to love Metroid, to the point where the second internet forum I ever joined was Metroid-themed, so many years ago… ahem. Anyway, a few toys have shown up recently, but they have all been insanely expensive. Alas, what was I to do? And then… AND THEN… Nintendo announced their Amiibo line, which implemented a similar electronic gimmick as the Skylanders toys. And included was… a Samus! How did I respond to the possibility of finally owning a Samus Aran toy?


Hm. Nyes. Well, as I said, Amiibos work much like Skylanders – you scan them, and they bring a programmed character into a game (in this case, Super Smash brothers). There’s a lot more involved in it, but, well, I lack a Wii U, so I know nothing!


Samus Aran is roughly 3 3/4″ inches tall, just the tiniest bit shorter than a Star Wars figure. It’s too bad, a little bigger and she would have been awesomely in-scale. But for what it’s worth, that sculpt is awesome!


Samus is wearing her “modern” Varia suit, in the style she has worn since Metroid Prime. It’s the same outfit you see in Super Smash Brothers, and does have a few differences from previous designs. She’s more obviously feminine, for example, and the armor surface is soother. I’d love to see a Super Metroid design, or even a classic NES outfit one of these days!


Samus is posed in contrapposto, with her heels off the ground because she is in mid-step. To keep her feet firmly anchored to the base, the figure fudges things a little bit and just fills the empty space. These aren’t high heels, they’re just there to keep her from wilting or snapping off!


And yes, Samus is playable despite the static pose! As any mini-figure collector will tell you, you don’t NEED articulation to be playable… though to be honest, I can’t wait for the announced upcoming World of Nintendo Samus Aran. I also want a Ridley. And a Kraid. And lots of Metroids, oh please! Samus Amiibo should run you around $15, and although she’s a hot seller, there have been enough produced to fill the shelves. So, if you’re a fan of Metroid, keep looking for one, and enjoy!


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