Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman Annual #1

Marvel has released their Miracleman Annual with the first new Miracleman content in decades.


Apparently this is supposed to be a big deal because it has a never before published story written by Grant Morrison finally seeing print with art by Joe Quesada.  The story itself is fine.  It concerns a priest that witnessed Kid Miracleman’s fall to Earth after he survived the attempted assassination of the Miracleman family.  He shows up again three years later to kill the priest tying up a loose end to keep himself hidden.

Then there is a story by Peter Milligan with art by Mike Allred done in the style of the old 50’s and 60’s Marvelman comics.  The Miracleman family have a few zany adventures thwarting Dr Gargunza and dealing with angry dolphins all the while Miracleman is vaguely aware that something is off.  But by the end he goes back being ignorant of the dream world he lives in.

Once again I never read Miracleman before the Marvel Comics reprints.  I only knew of it by reputation.  While I think it is a good story so far and I recognize its place in the history of comic books I am not that interested in new content for it.  I do not have any of the nostalgia for Miracleman that some older fans do so this whole annual seems a bit self congratulatory.  I like Grant Morrison but I am far more interested in his original works than his take on Miracleman or in this case a brief look at the history of one of its villains.

There is some behind the scenes material in the back that comes off a little too eager to praise the writers and artists.  I like most of the people who worked on this annual, but I am here for the story not for them.

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