Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman #14

I have never read Miracleman before the current Marvel reprints.  I will be sharing my impressions here as they are released.


So a lot of things happened pretty quickly in this issue all leading up to one of the major events of the series that I know of by reputation.

It starts off with Miracleman having a conversation with his baby daughter Winter.  She has powers like his and she has been able to comprehend everything around her since before she was born.  She was altering her mother’s moods as Liz suspected and overall it seems Winter’s powers have affected her psychological development.  We also learn why the Qys ship that crashed on Earth and started everything was doing here in the first place.  It seems they occasionally go looking for people with superpowers and found someone with the Firedrake gene on Earth.  Apparently primitive life forms that need fire occasionally produce mutations capable of conjuring fire and every once in a while this gene gets reactivated.  Miracleman, Miraclewoman, and the Warpsmiths find this firedrake, a man named Huey Moon and accept him into their group.  The only other superhuman they find is Big Ben but his mind is still too broken for him to be a productive member of their pantheon.

In other events Liz leaves Mike and Winter because she can’t handle all the weirdness.  With her mother gone Winter decides its time to leave as well.  She needs to know how to handle all of her powers so she flies off into outer space to learn from the Qys.  This all seems a little too clean and easy so I am guessing that there are going to be consequences down the line for both Liz and Winter.  Winter has advanced intelligence for her age but it almost seems like she does not fully understand human emotions yet and there is no telling what flying into space alone and living with bizarre aliens will do to her development.

Finally we finally catch up with Johnny Bates who is still being tormented but now his bullies have stepped up to raping him.  Johnny finally releases Kid Miracleman and brutally kills them all.  Miracleman and his new allies were so busy putting together their lofty pantheon that none of them bothered to check up on the greatest threat to their future.  Also you may have heard by now but there was a printing error for this issue.  Kid Miracleman’s dialogue on the last page is all blacked out when it is supposed to be white letters on a black background.  You can see the dialogue in the behind the scenes pages sketches.  At first Kid Miracleman says he is going to let the nurse live because she was kind to him.  But then he changes his mind and comes back and punches the top of her head off because he does not want anyone to think he is going soft.  Kid Miracleman was already a jerk but his time being tormented as Johnny Bates has clearly just made him more psychotic.

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