Comic Book Storytelling: Gotham Academy #1-3

DC has started a new series that takes place in the world of Batman.  This one takes us to Gotham Academy.


Gotham Academy is apparently the top private school in Gotham City.  The series follows Academy student Olive Silverlock, a girl with white hair, and her friend “Maps” Mizoguchi.  It seems Maps’ brother Kyle used to be Olive’s boyfriend but then something happened last summer that we have been getting intermittent clues about.  Olive has mentioned her mother being “in the hospital” which I am guessing is code for Arkham Asylum.  It looks like Olive’s mother may have been some kind of villain and she was busted by Batman and Olive may have actually been there to witness it leaving her with a fear of bats and strong dislike for the Caped Crusader.

Bruce Wayne shows up in the first issue and we see the bat-signal but so far the story keeps itself removed from the heart of Batman’s world.


It seems some of Olive’s classmates are part of some kind of bat-cult trying to summon the ghost of Millie Jane Cobblepot, one of the Penguin’s ancestors I imagine.  And then it looks like Olive might be able to do magic?  And a girl sees a ghost?  And there is some kind of subplot with a boy with red eyes who also might be magic.  Oh and something with vaguely reptilian eyes is living in the walls.


I like Gotham Academy so far, it is a very good series, but I hope this magic stuff turns out to be a hoax by something using ghost stories to conceal what they are really up to.  Because when it comes down to it for all the Gothic horror design Batman is a science fiction hero and Gotham is a science fiction city.  Just look at the villains, most of them are evil geniuses using crazy inventions to do crime.  Whenever writers try to shoehorn magic into Batman world stories it always feels out of place to me.

I will keep reading Gotham Academy and report back on where this story goes.

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