Comic Book Storytelling: Red Sonja The Black Tower #4

The Red Sonja mini series The Black Tower has come to a conclusion.


This series began claiming that Red Sonja was going to die.  Of course I thought this was dumb because other Red Sonja titles have made that same claim when you know its an empty threat.  Then last issue to my surprise it actually delivered on that threat and Red Sonja was killed.  This issue picks up some years later.  Thraxis has pretty much taken over the world.  There are some who remember Red Sonja and still try to rebel but they can’t do much against Thraxis superior forces.  Also the Sisterhood of Thraxis has basically just become a personal harem.  And it looks like Thraxis favorite is a red head that bears a striking resemblance to Red Sonja.  In fact it seems Thraxis has developed a slight obsession with Red Sonja even giving her lesser statue next to his own.

The red head asks Thraxis where he came from and he explains.  The Black Tower itself if basically one big time machine.  His parents were from the far future and accidentally got themselves stuck in the past of the hyborian age.  They went exploring outside and it did not go well.  It turns out the sexy lady in the white dress from the first issue was Thraxis mother.  He was born and raised in the tower by his robot servants.  When he was old enough he decided to use the advanced technology of the Black Tower to conquer the world instead of going back to the future.

Thraxis shows off his trophy room which contains Red Sonja’s mounted head among others.  He even shows off the actual time machine part of the tower.  Then he gets stabbed.  This red headed sister has been waiting for years for the right moment to trick Thraxis into revealing his secrets so she can assassinate him.  She may or may not be a clone of Red Sonja or something else either way her whole life has been leading up to this moment.  With Thraxis dead she then goes back in time and kills his mother before he is born thus erasing herself and her timeline from existence.

At the end we see Red Sonja riding into the town of Lur once again but this time around the Black Tower will probably never open and just remain a curiosity.  I suspected some time travel shenanigans would come into play in this series and I was right.  Overall this was a pretty good side story among the many tales of Red Sonja.

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