Comic Book Storytelling: Miracleman 15

I have never read Miracleman before the current Marvel Comics reprints.  I will be sharing my impressions here as they come out.


It is finally here.  That infamous issue of Miracleman everyone has heard about whether they read the series before or not.  And it is indeed just as gruesome as the rumors implied with lots of beheading and impaling and other grotesqueness.

Johnny Bates has turned into Kid Miracleman once again and he basically brutally murders everyone in London.  Miracleman is at first so preoccupied with hanging out with Miraclewoman and his new Warpsmith friends that none of them notice what is happening until it it too late to save anyone in the city.  They all go down and confront Kid Miracleman and a battle ensues that adds to the destruction.  And during that fight we get yet a further look into the mythology that will rise up around Miracleman and the others in the aftermath.  We see some references to one of the back up stories from an early issue where Miracleman and the Warpsmith Aza Chorn make some quick trips back in time to gather more power from past versions of Miracleman.  Soon after Aza Chorn is killed but not before he teleports some objects directly into Kid Miracaleman’s body that cause him so much pain he has to change back to Johnny Bates.  Miracleman comforts a sorrowful Johnny and then crushes his head.  It is both a tragic and horrific moment and the only way to make sure Kid Miracleman never comes back.

On the last page we see that they did not clean things up and build a memorial.  Instead they left everything as it was and now all the broken and mutilated skeletons serve as a constant reminder of the price they had to pay for their new age in the Olympus they built.  And now I am not sure what will happen after this.  We have been through all the most notorious events that I know of from this series.  I am guessing that this whole Olympus thing is not going to end well.  Sure Miracleman has built this impressive fortress and seems to be sharing all kinds of cool stuff with the world but something seems off about it all and I suspect a really big shoe is getting ready to drop.

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