Life In Plastic: MINI TOY REVIEW: Doom Gotter (Ironhaus x Imperfecz)


Hey, all! Remember the Mutants? Or The Infestor Roaches? Well, the Ironhaus- Imperfecz team has done it again, this time with a new Kaiju line! Doom Gotter (which deserves an umlaut, but I’m too lazy). But this isn’t just any kaiju set, no – they’re all based on Japanese Yokai monsters, something that really fits in with the theme. As a bonus, each figure comes with some special buildings – you can order more as extras, too.


The packaging is the same as most indy mini lines – little baggies, though the mailer box was packed well, thankfully.


The buildings – the awesome, awesome buildings – are resin, come in a ton of different damaged and undamaged shapes, and really could be used to spruce up any mini kaiju display (and there are a lot of miniature kaiju out there).


Bake-Kujira – “Ghost Whale” is exactly what it sounds like. A gigantic, skeletal whale, Jimmy Rommel really didn’t have to modify this one much to sculpt it. It’s the smaller of the two sculpts, but has a decent amount of mass and heft to it, and a nice little pose.


Akaname – “Filth Licker” is known for hiding out in dirty bathrooms and licking filth from your bath tub. Luke Harris changed a lot about it, turning it into a huge, stretched-out monstrosity a lot like some depictions of Nyarlathoptep. And yes, that is as awesome as it sounds. Filth Licker’s tongue is really wobbly, taking advantage of the type of rubber used for these mini-figures.


You can buy these guys in a huge variety of colors – I went for “Sickly Yellow” and tossed in a few extra nucks for a paint wash. If you’re a fan of mini figures, Yokai, Kaiju, or any combination thereof… well, I know it’s a short review, but these guys are AWESOME! Hopefully we’ll be seeing some more in the future, as other waves are currently in planning.

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