Life In Plastic: MINI TOY REVIEW: Daryl w/Chopper (The Walking Dead)


Todd McFarlane is the bad guy from the LEGO movie.


It’s not that he’s a bad guy, or anything, he just doesn’t get the point of LEGO. You know, those infinitely-customizable bricks? I mean, sure, they’re sold in sets, and you’re often supposed to make something specific with them, but they are still modular. You are allowed to be creative and make what you want – you shouldn’t be gluing them together “right,” after all.


McFarlane Toys has released some not-LEGO sets for their Walking Dead license. And, although they are block-based building toys, they really provide no room for customization. I mean, sure, they’re cool, and I certainly have a ton of use for them as dioramas, but there is only one thing that they can be. This set depicts Daryl Dixon driving his motorcycle across a patch of ruined highway.


The gimmick with these sets is that every surface is covered by a textured “Cap,” which makes it look realistic. Honestly, this fits the usual McFarlane oeuvre – awesome-looking toys, little to no poseability.


There is some customization – you choose where the tufts of grass and cracks on the road go – but otherwise, it might as well have been a little playset. I admit, putting it together was a ton of fun (though the grass is hard to keep track of as it keeps falling out), but this isn’t LEGO!


When finished, it really is a nice little setup. But come on, look at that – could those pieces really be used for anything else?


Daryl’s bike is likewise made of a ton of pieces, some of which use LEGO-esque connectors… but it still seems odd. It’s a nice mini bike, but did it have to pretend to be customizable?


Daryl himself can really only sit on the bike or… well, something else. Poor, poor Daryl.


The set has one included walker zombie, who doe slook cool and has some useful articulation. But even though these zombie figures are sold individually, it feels like the set needed more than just one. It has the weirdest, most cumbersome stand, too.


You know what? I’m done complaining. Look! LOOK! I can make it whatever I want! if I want Daryl Dixon to have to drive away from a big giant scorpion monster, that’s just what I’ll do! Or hey, it’s a ruined highay. Why not turn it into Fist of the North Star?


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