Comic Book Storytelling: Spider-Women

Marvel recently gave Spider-Woman her own series but they did it in the middle of the current Spider-verse event.


The Spider-verse event story has every Spider-man and Spider-woman ever teaming up to fight magic vampires called the Inheritors that want to drain all the spider life energy from the multiverse.  During this event Jessica Drew the original Spider-woman is tasked with protecting new character Silk, there they on the cover together.  It seems that Silk it the female spider totemic counterpart to Spider-man.  Fan reaction to Silk has been mixed to say the least.  I do not care for Silk as a character.  I did not know much about her coming into the series but to me she came off as rather immature, selfish, and even kind of dumb.  Now characters can get away with being immature, often a story revolves around the journey from being immature to maturity.  And sometimes characters can be a bit selfish, in fact when you consider that Silk lived alone in a bunker for many years her being a little selfish is understandable.  But I have no tolerance for characters who make dumb decisions that put more likable character in danger which is exactly what Silk does in the first issue of Spider-woman.

Jessica is working with the Arana Spider-girl and the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman to protect Silk.  And at one point Jessica explains that while Silk is a nice girl her inexperience could put them all in danger.  Silk overhears this and it hurts her feelings so she runs off on her own and puts everyone in danger.  This does not endear me to the character.  Anyway the Spider-verse event is over and the Spiders were victorious.  Silk is getting her own series soon so maybe she will come off better in that.



Spider-woman #4 acts as an epilogue to Jessica Drew’s Spider-verse story and a segue into the rest of her series.  Personally I think the Spider-verse tie in stuff should have been a separate mini-series, its not like Marvel has been shy about them lately.  That way Spider-Woman’s series could have started off as her own.  Well next issue we will be seeing Jessica in her much hyped new costume.  I think the new costume design looks okay.  It is very different than the inherent sexiness we are used to from her and maybe that is what Spider-woman needs.  I remember years ago Brian Micheal Bendis tried to bring Spider-Woman to the forefront of the Marvel U but I think he just left her as convoluted as she ever was.

Speaking of convoluted Spider Women.


The Spider-Woman that I grew up with was Julia Carpenter.  I think I may be the only Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman fan.  For a long time she faded into obscurity in favor of Jessica Drew.  She resurfaced during the Civil War event and actually had an interesting story in the pages of Ms Marvel where Carol Danvers hunted down Julia and even traumatized her daughter by attacking and arresting Julia while the child watched. It was one of the few times the event dared to show the Registration side in a negative light.


Sometime after that Julia Carpenter was released and she became Arachne and moved to Canada to join the new Omega Flight team and inexplicably became a blonde.


More recently Julia Carpenter showed up during the Spider-Island event as the new Madame Web.  I don’t know what she is doing now.  If she showed up during Spider-Verse I must have missed it.  I also wonder where her daughter Rachel is and how long before she shows up as yet another Spider-girl.

As I said before Silk is getting her own series and so is the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman and I will check out both series and get back to you on them here with more Comic Book Storytelling.

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