Comic Book Storytelling: Asgardian Women

Today we will be taking a look at two Marvel titles starring Asgardian women.


First lets talk about the new Thor again.  Original Thor and New Lady Thor got in a fight.  But then dude Thor saw how awesome new Thor is and decided he was cool with her taking his place as the god of thunder.  Also they kissed and it turns out Thor’s mom Freya is not the new Thor as some of us theorized early on.  Old Thor may be okay with her being Thor now but he is still curious about who she is and attempts to investigate it.  Odin is not happy that a woman now has his sons power so it looks like he is sending The Destroyer after her.  And there is unrest in Asgard, not everyone is happy to have Odin back in power because he insists on being kind of dick since he came back from the dead.

In this most recent issue the new Thor fights Crusher Creel the Absorbing Man and his girlfriend Titania.  Titania knocks out her boyfriend and surrenders to Thor because it is so awesome that Thor is now a woman.  We still don’t know the new Thor’s identity under the helmet.  We also still don’t know what Nick Fury whispered to Thor to make him unworthy.  I am no sure how much longer Marvel can or should keep dragging out these mysteries.  I hope we get some new information sooner rather than later.



You also may have heard that Marvel’s new character Angela has her own series.  Angela was originally a character in Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn comics but after some legal disputes with writer Neil Gaiman she been introduced to the Marvel U.  Angela is still an angel but in the Marvel 616 universe Angels are yet another race of cosmic aliens that primitive humans mistook for divine beings.  The Angels and the Asgardians went to war in ancient times mostly because they had fundamentally different ways of operating.  The Asgardians believe in stuff like honor, duty and loyalty while the Angels operate on the philosophy of “nothing for nothing” or the idea that everything has a price and debts should be paid.

We learn that Angela is the daughter of Odin and Freyja and sister to Thor but when she was a baby she was taken by the angels and raised as one of them.  Since learning the truth she went to Asgard to get to know her origins.  At that time Odin and Freya were finally having another child.  A baby girl is born and moments later Angela snatches the baby and runs off.  We still don’t know what Angela’s motivation for kidnapping her new baby sister is.


Angela met up with her best friend Sera who it turns out is a trans gender character.  Sera was born one of the rare male angels who are considered “weak” and not fit for battle.  However Sera wanted to live as a female angel warrior and Angela helped.  It is not clear if Sera is still biologically male and dresses as a female or if she had some kind of magic physical gender alteration.  I would think that Asgardians and Angels and other advanced aliens would have developed technology capable of performing a procedure like that by now unless they have major social taboos against it.  Anyway a lot of people have reacted positively to Sera but I wonder how things are going to end up.  It almost feels like they might be setting up a double cross from Sera soon.  Someone manipulated Angela into stealing this baby and I wonder if Sera is in on it.  And it seems Sera was dead and claims she does not know how she came back to life which could easily be a lie.  It would be a shame for the series to fall into the same trope of the trans character being untrustworthy but they have left enough clues that it would not surprise me.

In the most recent issue Angela took refuge with her friend in the Guardians of the Galaxy.  However once the Guardians, especially Gamora, learn the whole story about why Angela is carrying a baby around they may not be so willing to help her.  Overall I think it is just a matter of time before Angela has to face the fact that her system of “nothing for nothing” can be abused just as much as the honor system the Asgardians operate on.  In some flashbacks we have seen that Angela does not value the system the same way most other Angels do.  Most other angels will offer their services for wealth or property.  Angela seems to accept payment in items that make her a better warrior.

I will have more on these series as they continue and we learn more about these characters and their stories.

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