Life In Plastic: Toyfair News Roundup

Hello, all!  Toyfair just happened, which is always awesome.  And since it happened, this means that there’s a little less pressure on me to write up a toy review, because I am lazypants.  So, in honor of my lazypants laziness, let’s take a look at some (belonging to people who had press passes) pictures from the event, and then see… My Impressions!


The He-Man mini-sub announcements genuinely surprised me in a good way, especially Calix the Rock Monster Who Had Thirty Seconds Of Screentime, But Everybody Loves.  Well hey, rock monsters are cool.  Ceratus and Evil Seed are also fantastic fantasy designs.


NECA wins the universe.  Seriously.  Even the stuff we’ve already seen looks good.  Glad to see that their Pacific Rim plans aren’t slowing down, too.


Marvel has some awesome stuff coming in, but I was mostly impressed by Jurassic World.  We finally got to see the “New dinosaur,” and there are clearly other hybrids – note the stegoceratops!


Funko, you also win!  I want more of those PoPs…




It amazes me that Mezco is finally filling the gap where The Dark Knight Returns toys have been needed.  For years.


Ghostbusters.  Toys.  GHOSTBUSTERS TOYS.

One response to “Life In Plastic: Toyfair News Roundup

  1. Between Funko Legacy Firefly, GoT, Rocketeer and Evolve; Neca Aliens, Terminator and Pacific Rim; SW 6″ Black; and Select Ghostbusters, I’m gonna be broke, broke, broke… (but very happy :D).

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