Life In Plastic: Backwards Torso?!?!

This is different, but it was so hilarious that I had to share it.  You remembr those Egyptian Gods, right?  Well, did Set’s picture look, I don’t know, “odd” to you?  There was a reason.  Demon’s Chronicle figures come disassembled, and come apart easily.  When I picked up Set, it turned out that the previous owner had glued the figure together.  And something about the figure bothered me.  I don’t glue mine because it’s fun to take them apart, they are more durable and less likely to snap that way, ansd so on. And besides, this figure just seemed… odd.

Here is the official production photo:


And here was my figure:


Yeah, so he was hunched over. This is odd. The previous owner must have glued him sloppily, and not noticed how the pegs weren’t lining up. Note the significant neck gap.


It was especially obvious from the back, where you coulc also see gaps in the arms, and… hey, waiiiiiit a second. Somethin’ wrong here…


Woah. His torso was on backwards. The previous owner glued Set’s torso on backwards. See?


So, I disassembled him. It took some work, but I was able to crack the glue with minimal tearing. I left two spots that were glued – his foot attached to the piece of Horus, and his tail – but managed to free the rest. I had to sacrifice a foot peg to get Set off his base, but that was necessary if I want to take photos of this guy and not have to cover a big blue block. The neck peg got a little torn up and had some glue residue, so I did trim it slightly. The crazy thing is, all those pegs are Asymmetrical. I can’t imagine how much determination it took this previous owner to force every single joint in a way that did not fit and looked bad.  I can just see some guy shoving the pegs in all the wrong places and going, “Nailed it!”


And here he is, reassembled! I will not be gluing him again.  Set holds together just fine.


So, let us compare.  Incorrect:




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