Life In Plastic: MINI TOY REVIEW: Lo Pan (ReAction)


Hey guys, it’s time again for a super-quick mini review! I always end up with less to say about the ReAction figures due to their design. This one is (David) Lo Pan, the villain from Big Trouble in Little China. Or, y’know, the inspiration for Shang Tsung.


This figure gets James Hong’s likness pretty well, though it sticks with a plain flesh tone rather than the makeup the character wore. But it does look like him, which places it on a pedestal above some other ReAction figures (like the Terminator). The thing with the line is, while the retro aesthetic is nice, sometimes they go too far and produce toys below 1970s Kenner figures in quality. Lo Pan is roughly on par with what we would have gotten if the moviehad been released a decade earlier, at least.


He comes with a Beholder-esque minion, and… well, here’s the thing. It being tiny and unpainted is fune, but it isn’t unpainted – a real retro figure would have ben cast in fleshy plastic. This one is caked with thick flesh paint, and what little detail it had has been obscured. ReAction figures seem like they aim lower than retro too often, and this little accessory is an example. Look at old retro companion figures – sure, they’re tiny and all, but they are cast in one color plastic, not glopped over with paint. It makes a huge difference. It’s the only complaint in a pretyt much good toy – they need to pull back the “retro” just a litte bit so it actually matches the look of toys from that era. Remember, we want Old Kenner, not Mexican Bootleg. With the exception of the accessory, though, this is one of the finer ReAction figures.


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