Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Renegade Predator (NECA Toys)


Back when I was a kid, I loved the Kenner Aliens and Predator lines. In fact, they are what graduated me out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and into higher-quality stuff. After the initial Aliens well ran dry, Kenner introduced the Predators to their toy universe with an Alien Vs. Predator two-pack, starring “Renegade,” a generic Jungle Hunter Predator!


Renegade was as normal as a Pred could get – he served as the basic stand-in for the toy line, just as his opposing Alien was the only generic one from Kenner. He came with some weird weapons never seen in the movies, but that was pretty forgivable. NECA pledged to create Renegade in their second Kenner wave, so let’s see how they did it!


A young, brash New Blood Yautja with promise and vigor, Renegade is part of the Jungle Hunter Clan associated with the hunt on Earth (Val Verde) in 1987. He is headstrong and motivated, often rushing ahead of the hunting tribe seeking the thrill of killing first. Renegade is often known to hunt with Cracked Tusk’s tribe, studying under the old master as an apprentice. The Elder even helped the young hunter develop his unique hunting weapons. Within this tribe, Renegade struggles o cooperate with Scavage, mostly due to his ties to Nightstorm (who is considered to be a devil in the Jungle Hunter culture). Although he has enjoyed several off-world kills, the New Blood still seeks his first Xenomorph trophy, and he knows that despite his reservations about Scavage, the Cracked Tusk tribe is his best chance of achieving this goal.


This actually ties in with the original figure’s mini-comic, which showed off his first Xeno kill. Note the comments about Scavage – you’ll be seeing him next week!



Kenner-Style NECA Predators come in retro packaging, complete with the old pixellated explosion effect. It’s a great tribute!


SCULPT: ****

NECA Predators all use the same few bodies. Renegade is built on the basic Jungle Hunter body… and in fact, he is absolutely identical to one of them. By identical, I mean identical. This is a straight repaint.


That said, Renegade looks fine – NECA has built a really good basic body, with all the little details it should have. Unfortunately, it has netting where the Kenner figure had none, and NECA needs to make some un-netted Predator torsos aside from the Super Predator one.


PAINT: ***1/2

The original Renegade was a classic, vanilla Predator, but there’s no way that NECA would just pass off a normal Jungle Hunter as him. What they did was find an obscure repaint (some of the figures had exclusive recolors in places like Kay-Bee), and exaggerate the green and silver. So Renegade is a fresh green, and his armor is silver! This does lower the nostalgia factor for the guy, though it helps him stand out.


The paint itself is mostly clean, though the unpainted netting issue is still present, and he has some visible slop on the back of his mask. The figure has a lot of little details, like the stripes along Renegade’s ribs or the battle damage on his helmet.



Renegade’s articulation is exactly like all of the other versions that use his body – ball-jointed head, wrists, and ankles, ball-and-socket shoulders, elbows, and hips, hinged knees, swivel waist, and extendable wristblades. His range of motion is as good as any Predator, though it can feel slightly limiting until you get used to it.


Just like all the Predator figures, it is less restrictive than it sees, and you can put him in all sorts of fancy fighitng poses. The caveat is that too much flexing might leave your figure a little loose, though.



Renegade comes with the same wepaons his oriignal figure had, which includes this weird spear-staff thing. it’s an odd weapon, and kind of reminscent of a Klingon Bat’leth – sharp and nasty, but awkward to use. He can hold it either in the spike hand guard (or head) or at the middle of the shafe. And yes, this is accurate to the original figure, though the NECA version has much more detail.


He also comes with a gun – an honest-to-goodness laser gun. It’s a pretty solid thing, and looks surprisingly cool on a Predator. Renegade’s left hand is perfectly sculpted to hold it, too.


Renegade also comes with a typical plasma caster, which is identical to all Jungle Hunter cannons. Clip it onto his shoulder, or leave it out, it’s your choice.


Even though it’s part of his sculpt, Renegade’s wrist blades also count. Mine came bent, but they look kind of interesting that way.


VALUE: ****

Just like any other Predator, this guy will cost $20-$25, depending on the retailer.



Like any Predator, watch out for his shoulder cannon, wrist blades, and weapons. That spear-thing definitely feels fragile, and mine came with bent claws (though they look cool).



Like all of NECA’s product, Toys R Us is a great bet.



Of all of them, Renegade is the least “accurate” to his original appearance – NECA couldn’t just copy a movie Predator, so they had to make him unique. With his funky weapons, new backstory, and inty-fresh paint job, Renegade is now more than just a generic Predator, he’s a unique character with some of the mmost interesting weapons you’ll ever see in this line!


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