C2E2 2015 SUNDAY

Let me tell you about the last day of C2E2 this year.


The first panel I went to on Sunday was the Fangirls Guide to Surviving the Internet.  The panel was hosted by Sam Maggs a writer for TheMarySue.com and author of The Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy.  The panelists were Cara McGee, Stephanie Cook, Jen Aprahamian, Amy Chu, and Gita Jackson.  Social media is a useful tool but it has also been used to make many womens lives harder.  The attitudes behind this harassment have always been there but it was only recently that certain toxic individuals started organizing them for the sole purpose of causing harm to anyone who is not up to their standards of heteronormativity.  The panelists talked about some of their own experiences dealing with harassment as well as what can be done to help.  Zoe Quinn’s Crash Override Network is a good source.  They talked about positivity promoting positivity and that society needs to do more than just teach women to protect themselves, it needs to teach men and boys not to be dicks.  We do not have to and should not accept that the internet is just a bad place.  We can demand better and should work towards it.

After that I went to the Body Confidence and Positivity in Cosplay panel.  The panelists were cosplayers Ivy Doomkitty, Envyus, Heart & Soul, and Knightmage.  They talked about their individual experiences with body image issues and reactions to their cosplaying.  They said there will always be negative reactions but there are more positive ones.  When cosplaying do what makes you comfortable.  If you are new to cosplay it can help to start out with a group.

Speaking of cosplay here are some of the pictures I took on Sunday.

I will be back soon with one last word on my C2E2 2015 experience.

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