Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Gipsy Danger – Hong Kong Brawl (NECA Toys)


Remember how version 1 of Gipsy Danger and Knifehead from Pacific Rim just weren’t very good toys, and NECA redid the kaiju? Well, it turns out that they’ve also remade Gipsy Danger, which is on its third or fourth iteration now. This figure is the second version, based on its fight with Leatherback and Otachi in Hong Kong. Which means that it has the HUGE BOAT YOU CAN SWING LIKE A BASEBALL BAT AHAHAHAHAHA.


Pacific Rim is a really fun movie, but it requires some suspension of disbelief. In fact, let’s look at some complaints that my friends have had about the movie:


“Why are they using giant robots? Why don’t they just bomb all the monsters?”
“That’s unrealistic! Any animal that big would collapse under its own weight!”
“A robot that big would cost too much.”
“I don’t understand the brain thing, so it’s unrealistic!”
“An oil tanker would break apart if a big robot picked it up. That’s unrealistic!”


So apparently, a “proper” Pacific Rim movie would be one where a guy presses a button to launch some missiles, and then stares quietly out the window for an hour and a half. Seriously, folks. if you can’t suspend any of your disbelief, what are you doing watching a movie in the first place?



This is the same basic clamshell as always. It’s pretty good!


SCULPT: ****

When you first look at the figure on its own, you might not notice that it is a different sculpt. Gipsy Danger is Gipsy Danger, and it’s even the same company making it, right?


Nope! This figure is a complete resculpt – aside from the fact that it’s about a half-inch taller, the detail is way, way better. The original figure looked like a soft copy made from a CGI model, whereas this one looks more like said model – it has the correct paneling, seams, bolts, hydraulics, and other things that actually mae the jaeger work. The old Gipsy Danger looked cheap. This one does not.


PAINT: ***1/2

The first noticeable thing is that Gipsy Danger is a darker shade of blue than the previous figure. ALthough both figures are fine, I think the darker blue is closer to its appearance in the movie. Less washed-out, at least.


Everything about it seems crisper and clearer than the original figure – aside from the shade of blue, it has more applications for its various decals, or some of the more mundane technological details on the sculpt. There is still some slop, such as on its visor, but overall this figure just looks better.



Gipsy Danger has a ball-jointed head, shoulders, torso, hands, hips, ankles, feet, hinged elbows, knees, swivel thigh and biceps. Little things like the foot and bicep articulation were not present in the original figure.


This version of Gipsy has better articulation than the first, also including more range in its limbs and the ability to stand somewhat sturdily. It isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than the original.



Gipsy Danger comes with the greatest accessory imaginable: The boat! Remember? Remember that awesome scene where the heroes used a boat like a baseball bat and smacked Otachi with it? Remember the killjoy naysayers who whined about how a real oil tanker wouldn’t hold together like that? Yeah, they’re morons. But anywayyyyyyyy, the boat is awesome! And the “damage” done to it is actually molded to Gipsy Danger’s hands, and can be held surprisingly securely. The posing is a little awkward because of Gipsy Danger’s articulation, but it works out.


Gipsy Danger also comes with a chain sword and an alternate hand to use it. The sword slots into its wrist – either wrist, although there is only one alternate hand to work with it. It’s nice to get this weapon.


I just want to say this again. THE BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What’s missing? A second sword, perhaps, or alternate plasma cannon hands. But those are being covered in other Gipsy Danger releases, which will include various scene-specific amounts of battle-damage.


VALUE: ****

This figure is about $20, which will make you wish you hadn’t spent that much on the first version.



Some of the joints may become loose, so keep an eye out for that.



You might have to go online, but these figures can still be found at places like Toys R Us.



This is better. Way better. It’s essentially the definitive Gipsy Danger out there, and also includes the greatest weapon ever. NECA has made up for the missteps of series 1, even though Crimson Typhoon has yet to be remade (that figure was fine as it was, though). Including the boat was the best idea ever.


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