Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Ultron Mk II (The Avengers: Age of Ultron)


Okay, I couldn’t justify twenty pictures, so this is technically a mini review. Honestly, it’s technically a rant. Age of Ultron is a movie that has kind of divided fans – some love it, some hate it, but this is not a debate about that. This is the toy. Ultron himself has been consicuously scarce on the toy scene – he’s got nothing in 6″, the 2″ line includes him in a play set (and one of his drone bodies among the regular mni figures), and the 4″ tall line… has this. Ultron Mk. II, the first of two “Ultron” bodies he uses. And this is it.


Look, here’s the thing. This movie was extremely toyetic. Ultron himself took on a ton of toy-friendly forms, made drones that were also toy-frienly, andd in general just kind of sat there, demanding collectible figures for the whole army. Hasbro seems to have a weird thing against movie villains, which actually makes Ultron’s appearance sort of an underwhelming surprise. Seriously, LOOK AT THIS FIGURE.


It has five points of articulation, and the sculpt is soft. That makes it a lot like ReAction figures, only when you copar it to the nearest ReAction (the Terminator endoskeleton), it still looks cheaper. The thing is, there were better toys in the ’70s and ’80s than this one, and that’s not just nostalgia speaking. G1 Star Wars and Remco Monsters were of higher quality. The sculpt is soft and badly-proportioned, the paint is wrong (the whole figure is the wrong color), and the articulation is worse than sub-standard. He can’t even extend his legs out the whole way, which is something that any other 5 POA figure can do! Ultron can’t do the awkward stiff sitting pose. Wow.


Well, at least he comes with an accessory – an energy blast reused from one of the Iron Man figures from 2011. Except that it’s sized for Iron Man, not Ultron, so it doesn’t fit over his hand. It flops loosely and dangls, looking more like a viagra ad than a weapon. Well, at least you can put it on his head and pretend he’s got a jaunty wig.


This toy is cheap. That is its saving grace. It’s inexpensive at $8.99, but… man, even as a kid I would not have been happy. I don’t know what’s going on at Hasbro, but this figure is sad. This… this is the worst review I’ve given. I’m not angry or ranting or anything, just extremely disappointed. I know I give ReAction a hard time, but at least those toys try to be cheap as part of their retro theme. This one is actually worse than a figure trying for that effect, and that’s just plain sad


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