Life In Plastic: Mini Toy Review: Dinosaur Minis (Jurassic World)


You know what? Dinosaurs are cool.  This is an axiomatic fact.  Love of dinosaurs is ingrained within all of us, and if you try to deny it, we must re-educate you.  TO THE CAMPS!


Anywayyyyy… Jurassic World is coming, and the toys have so far been lacking.  But lo and behold, Wal-Mart is carrying a mini line – individual blind bags for about $2, three-pack tubes for about $5, and a bag of all the dinosaurs and paint variants for about $15.  I only found the tubes, and managed to snag three of them.  And yes, that is the interior of my car.  Woooooah!  Anyway, I got nine dinosaurs.  THey all have a paint application or two, and the JP branding somewhere on their bodies.



First up is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which for some reason is a bright shade of red that absolutely killed my camera.  The sculpt is surprisingly detailed for something this small.



The Spinosaurus, which science has since proven walked like a duck.



The Velociraptor, which was actually tiny and feathery and not at all like this.



The Pachycephalosaurus, which… is about right.



The Pteranodon, which wasn’t really a dinosaur.



The Dimorphodon, which consistently has the most complex paint job in the set.



The Mosasaurus, who really wants some water – and who was actually black and white, as we have found some pigment in its fossils.



The Triceratops, which was awesome.



The Stegosaurus, which has a thagomizer on its tail.


Well, there you go!  These are really designed for peopel who loved those tiny cheap plastic dinosaurs of our youth – they aren’t very different, except for having better sculptural details.  But hey, you can make them fight on top of your sleeping family pet, and isn’t that awesome?


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